Friday, April 1, 2011

Menu with what's on sale for the week of Mar. 30-April 5

Not sure why it's running all together, I tried to fix it once, I will try tomorrow. I will also post the Younker's dressing tomorrow.Kind of a whirlwind week for me, the kind that you think will start and end out one way but then takes a u-turn and turns out a totally different way. It's all good, though. Oh, and by the way, Happy April Fool's day. I had a baby on this day many years ago. No one believed the husband when he called to give the news. I had wanted to post some killer post about FREE FOOD at the grocery everything in the aisles for FREE, but I ran out of time this morning in preparing for my day. We love April Fool's day here in this house, it is always joyous b/c it is a family b-day day. Lots of possibilities this week and good buys on things that I didn't post b/c the $ ran out before I could. If you didn't want to make the White chicken chili, you could scrap some of those ingredients and make the "Favorite Chicken" of Sooz's in the chicken recipe section. You will need rice, chicken, scallions, mushrooms, chicken broth and cheese for that dish. You may already have enough rice in your pantry from past weeks. A Caesar salad or Chicken Caesar salad would totally work with Cheese Omelets on Egg night if that sounds better to you, but you will have to adjust your budget for it. Again this week, milk is not listed, except for Safeway and I think that was a pretty good price at $1.79 for Dairy Glen. I don't have milk on the grocery list b/c I didn't have anything from Safeway posted this week. You should be able to find a brand of milk for $1.99 or $2.39 at either Fry's or Bashas'. When I venture out to the grocery store this week, I will update this. On one of the nights I suggested that you grill pineapple if you wanted to. This could be a killer dessert if vanilla ice cream were added to the finished product. Bashas' has Food Club Supreme ice cream for 3/$10, so $3.33/half gallon. Fry's has Kroger Value Apple Juice Cocktail for $1.29. I took it off of the menu draft b/c I went over. The same with the Food Club Pancake mix for $2 from Bashas'. I added one more can of beans than you needed this week to the buy 8 Albertson's deal b/c they were the cheapest thing on the list and I could get the 8 without breaking the budget. If Life or Captain Crunch cereals are not your thing, add some oats at Sprouts to your shopping list, but then you'll have to adjust your buy 8 deal at Albies. Sorry, I hope all of this doesn't make your head spin. Anyway, enjoy. I'd love to hear how you re-vamp the menus to fit your family's weekly dinner menu. I'd love to hear how you make a dollar or a dime stretccccccchhhhhhhh to the utmost. $79.08 Breakfast 1-Cold cereal, milk 2-Egg biscuit 3-Cold cereal, milk 4-Breakfast taco of scrambled egg and cheese wrapped in a tortilla 5-Cold cereal, milk 6-Cold cereal, milk 7-Eggs, toast Lunch 1-PB&J sandwich, grapes 2-Tuna sandwich, orange 3-Cottage cheese and peaches 4-PB&J sandwich, trail mix 5-PB&J sandwich, cheez-it crackers 6-Cheese toast, grapes 7-Tuna sandwich, apple Dinner 1-Pizza, salad of lettuce and orange and grapefruit supremes or sections with Younker's dressing, see recipe on right under dressing. 2-Bean and cheese enchiladas, shredded lettuce salad 3-Grilled or fried pork chops, sauteed zucchini, baked yams, grilled pineapple Use half of the pork loin for chops, the other half for sweet pork salads or burritos 4-White chicken chili, see recipe at right side under chicken. 5-Cheese omelet, steamed or roasted asparagus 6-Sweet pork salad. Cook pork in the crockpot with salsa and brown sugar, serve with tortillas, shredded lettuce, salsa, cheese, sour cream, black beans and rice. Check out or 7-Mac and Cheese, steamed broccoli Groceries: Albertson's Boneless pork loin, $1.77 lb., buy aprox. 4 lbs. at $7.08 Chicken breasts, $1.77 lb, buy 2 lbs. at $3.54 Save $$ and buy a whole chicken at Bashas' for .79 lb. Cook and debone meat from the bird Albertson's cottage cheese, $2.29 Buy 8 deal 1-Albertson's large eggs, .88 2-Albertson's large eggs 3-Kraft deluxe dinner, $1.49 4-Rosarita beans, $1.49 5-Planters trail mix, $1.49 6-Albertson's bread, .99 7-Albertson's Bread, .99 8-Albertson's Bread, .99 1-S&W beans, white, .59 2-S&W beans, white, .59 3-S&W beans, white, .59 4-S&W benas, white, .59 5-S&W beans, black, .59 6-S&W beans, black, .59 7-Life cereal, $1.99 8-Captain Crunch cereal, $1.99 $28.49 Bashas' Tillamook cheese, 3/$5, buy 3 Red Baron Pizza, $2.99 Buy the whole fryer here at .79 lb. if you want to save money Grapes, .74 lb. Iceberg lettuce, .97, buy 2 onions, .67 lb. It says that you need two for the chili, you may want some for the sweet pork, you'll need some grated for the Younker's dressing $11.34 Fry's Mission tortillas, 2/$3, buy 2 Cheez-it crackers, $1.88 Chicken of the Sea tuna, 2/.98, buy 2 Pillsbury Grands!, .98 Las Palmas enchilada sauce, $1.88 La Victoria salsa, $1.88, buy 2 Fry's brand canned peaches, .98 Kroger Value peanut butter, $1.50 Chicken broth, 2 cans, I've allowed for $1.29 ea Sour cream, buy three pints, I've allowed for $1.50 for each one White corn, I've allowed for .89, you need 2 cans, use yellow if white is too expensive diced green chilis, buy 2 cans, I've allowed for .59 ea $25.00 Sprouts Pineapple, .99 ea Navel oranges, .49, buy 7 lbs. at $3.43 Red grapefruit, .49 ea, buy 2 at .98 Broccoli, .99, buy 2 lbs. at $1.98 Zucchini, .99, buy 2 lbs. at $1.98 Organic yams, .99 lb, buy 2 lbs. at $1.98 Gala apples, .99 lb., buy 2 lbs. at $1.98 $13.32 Items not on grocery list: Mayo butter flour sugar herbs and spices oil vinegar MILK ice cream salad dressing