Friday, May 28, 2010

Menu with what's on sale for the week of May 26-June 1

I had to go get the party animal son Wednesday morning at the school following the all night grad. party at, get this, 5 a.m. I had to be there at 5, not leave the house at 5. Just sounds so much more impressive to clarify that. Anywho, I was looking through the new grocery ads while waiting in the parking lot surrounded by cars and a few parents waiting. Just now getting the menu finalized and posted though.

A few things that are not on the menu but worth mentioning:
The Tilapia filets at Albertson's, buy one, get two bags free, so $7.99 for 3 bags of fish filets. Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce on sale at Fry's for .88. There was a coupon in one of the Sunday inserts this past Sunday, which is $1.00 off when you buy 2 bottles of BBQ sauce. So they would be .38 each. Which is good for this BBQ sauce, which I love. Last year Kraft kept on going on sale and with corresponding coupons was free, which may happen later in the BBQ season. But I will be getting the Sweet Baby Ray's this week.


1-Cold cereal, milk, yogurt
2-Cold cereal, milk
3-Blueberry pancakes, bacon
4-Cold cereal, milk
5-Cold cereal, milk
7-Cold cereal

1-Cottage cheese, peaches, crackers
2-Hot dog, bun, orange, Kool Aid
3-PB&J sandwich, watermelon, Kool Aid
4-PB&J sandwich, yogurt, grape tomatoes
5-PB&J sandwich, orange
6-PB&J sandwich, crackers
7-Hot dog, bun, Kool Aid

1-Brats, buns, baked beans
2-Spaghetti, canned vegetable
3-Zesty Chicken and Potatoes under Chicken and Potatoes link at the left side or I would cut the chicken into chunks so that cooking time would be quicker and the chicken would go farther, meaning feed more people.
4-Hamburgers. buns, chips, lemonade
6-Chicken enchiladas, cantaloup chunks, canned vegetable.
Chicken Enchiladas:
Flour tortillas
cream of chicken soup
sour cream, a coupla spoons full
leftover cooked chicken cut into dices or chunks(don't use all of the chicken in the dijon/mayo sauce, the leftovers might be fine in the enchiladas, but may be funky also)
7-Meat loaf, corn on the cob, watermelon

Ice cream

Van Camp's pork and beans, 2/$1, buy 2
Yoplait yogurt, 10/$4 when you buy 10, buy 10
Mission flour tortillas, 2/$4, buy 1
Kellogg's cereal, $1.99, buy 3
Libby's canned vegetables, .79, buy 2
Jell-O gelatin or pudding, .88, buy 1 pudding
Bulk red potatoes, .79 lb., buy 1 lb.
Kool Aid, 10/$1, buy 5

Fri.-Mon., Fresh ground beef, $1.68 lb., buy 4 lbs. at $6.68
Bar S meat franks, .47 with coupon from ad and $10 minimum purchase and Thank you card, limit 2, buy 2
Blue Bunny ice cream, $1.77 with coup form ad and $10 min. purchase and Thank you card
Food Club cheese, $1.25
Lay's Potato chips, $1.77
Whole seedless watermelon, $2.88 ea
Tyson bacon, $2.99
Food Club Pancake mix, $1.79
Shamrock Farms sour cream, .99
Shamrock Farms cottage cheese, $2.49
Bashas' milk, $1.99 gal., buy 2

Minute Maid fruit punch or lemonade, .88
Popsicles, .88
Chicken breasts, .77 lb., buy 3 lbs. at $2.31
Nabisco snack crackers, $1.88
Kroger Value Peanut butter, $1.49
Kroger Value bread, .88, buy 4
Fry's spaghetti, .88
Kroger Value spaghetti sauce, $1.19
Cream of chicken soup, I've allowed for $1.99
Eggs, 1 doz., I've allowed for $1.99

Fri.-Mon.-Johnsonville Brats, $2.99
Safeway hot dog/hamburger buns, .99, buy 4

White corn, 8/$1, buy 4 at .50
Navel oranges, .88 lb., buy 3 lbs.
Blueberries, 2/$3, buy 1
Cantaloupe, 2/$3, buy 1
Green beans, .99 lb.
Grape or cherry tomatoes, 2/$3, buy 1
Peaches, 2 lbs./$3, buy 1 lb.

Items not on grocery list
spices and herbs
pickles, onions, lettuce or tomatoes for hamburgers
molasses and brown sugar for the baked beans
dijon mustard

Other great deals this week:
Hansen's soda, 2/$5-Sprouts (I know there is a coupon for these, check to find out which Sunday)
Hefty foam plates, 10/$10-Albies (check to see if there is a hefty plate coupon, sometimes you can get these for free if there is)
Dreyer's ice cream, $1.99-albies

Memorial Day

I have not been a regular bloggie blogger lately. Neither have I been good about the one box/shelf/whatever a day dejunking challenge. The last two weeks have been crazy busy around here. My oldest graduated from High School. And I haven't cried yet. I've had misty eyes a few times but I'm waiting for Niagra Falls to hit me sometime soon. I'll let you know when it does.

So I'm up early, early for the second day of no school, the house is quiet and I'm thinking, "What are we going to have to eat for Memorial Day?" With me, it always comes down to food. We usually have potato salad, BBQ baked beans, chips and some kind of MEAT grilled on the BBQ. But I'm not going to make potato salad this time because I made it a week ago because I had wax potatoes that I needed to use up and that was the week we were crazy busy and it was nice to have salad in the fridge when someone thought that they needed to eat because it was mealtime but I hadn't been home to fix anything. So, my point is, that everyone is all potato salad-ed out.

Here are my thoughts so far on food for Memorial Day. It is subject to change at any moment though.

Hamburgers with buns
onions, tomatoes, lettuce, condiments
Maybe some brats and buns, sounds really good to me right now, maybe I'll get really crazy and buy some sauerkraut to go with it.
BBQ baked beans
Orzo salad
Potato chips
Ice cream sandwiches or some kind of ice cream on a stick or maybe homemade ice cream cookie sandwiches

What do you do for Memorial Day?

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Menu with what's on sale for the week of May 19-May 25


1-Cold cereal, milk
2-Cold cereal, milk
3-Cold cereal, milk
4-Cold cereal, milk, bananas
5-Cold cereal, milk
6-Cold cereal, milk
7-Cold cereal, milk

1-PB&J sandwich, hostess snackcake, apple
2-Tuna sandwich, pineapple chunks
3-PB&J sandwich, doritos
4-Tuna sandwich, hostess snackcake, pineapple chunks
5-PB&J sandwich, doritos
6-Bagel and cream cheese, soda

1-Spaghetti, garlic bread
2-Hot dog, bun, potato salad
3-Chicken, rice A Roni, broccoli, crescent rolls
4-Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato sandwich, applesauce
5-Hamburger Helper, green salad
6-Scrambled eggs, toast, hash browns, bacon and orange juice
7-Meat loaf, Pasta Roni, frozen vegetables, ice cream

ice cream

Doritos or wheat thins, $1.88, buy 1
Breyers ice cream, $1.99
Albertson's large eggs, .59 with coupon in Wed. ad, limit 1
Hamburger Helper, .88 with coupon in Wed. ad, buy 1
Reser's Potato salad, .99 lb.
Cucumbers, .59
General Mills cereals, buy 4, save $6, buy 4

Bashas milk, $1.68, limit 2, buy 2 at $3.36
Farmland bacon, $1.99, buy 2
Hostes snacks, $1.99
Prego Pasta sauce, $1.69
American Beauty Pasta, .99
Crusty bread, .99
Broccoli, .69 lb.
Bashas hot dog or hamburger buns, .99
StarKist chunk light tuna, 2/$1, buy 2
Past Roni or Rice A Roni, .99, buy 2, one Pasta Roni, one Rice A Roni
dole Bananas, .49 lb., buy 2 lbs.

Boneless, skinless chicken breast, $1.77 lb., buy 2 lbs., at $3.54
Big K soda, .67, buy 2 at $1.34
Kroger frozen vegetables, .88
Fry's applesauce, $1.29
Betty Crocker brownie mix, 10/$10, buy one
Thomas Bagels, $1.99
Kroger crescent rolls, 2/$3, buy one
Oscare Mayer meat franks, 2/$3, buy one
Kroger Value Peanut Butter, $1.49
Bread, .88, buy four at $3.52
Cream cheese, I've allowed for $1.99
Pineapple, $1 each, buy 2

80% lean ground beef, $1.79 lb., buy 3 lbs. at $5.37
Tomatoe on the vine, .99 lb., buy 2 lbs. at $1.98
Iceberg, .99 each, buy one
Safeway orange juice, $2.99
Safeway frozen hash browns, 2/$5, buy 1

Items not on grocery list:
salad dressing

Other great deals:
Gatorade, .49 with coupon and buy 10-Albertson's
Kraft shredded or brick cheese, $1.88-Albertson's
Oscar Mayer turkey bacon, $1.88-Albertson's
Oscar Mayer franks, $1.88-albertson's
Cool whip topping, 10/$10-Albertson's
Mt. Olive sweet relish, 10/$10-Albertson's
whole or sliced button mushrooms, .99-Safeway
General Mills cereals, $1.88-Bashas
Thomas bagels, $1.99-Bashas
Fresh gr. round, $1.77 lb., value pack-Bashas
Fry's large eggs, .77/doz.-Fry's
Banquet dinners, .77-Fry's
Sara Lee Classic wheat bread, .99-Fry's
Fry's veg. oil, $2.29-Fry's

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Free rice

Free rice to those who need it and a vocabulary quiz all in one. If you follow Pioneer Woman, she was writing/blogging about this today.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

I think that I have it figured out

About the tailor made card holders, that is. If you thought that the title was some great new revelation about life, then, I apologize. I'm not that smart as to have it all figured out yet. Maybe next week. So for the page protector...Cut up cardboard or a cereal box in the size of the cards or how big I want the pockets to be. Then arrange the templates in the bottom part of the page protector and sew to fit. Possibly with a zipper foot if the cardboard is too bulky, so there may be a need to mark the plastic with a pen and a ruler as a guide to sew. Then with an exacto knife cut out the opening, being sure to cut on the card so that only one piece of plastic is cut and pull out the card. Viola'. Then repeat the process on the next level of the page or do all at once so that the vertical sewing can be done all at once. I haven't tried it yet. Don't know if the plastic will mess up my machine. Does anyone know?

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Weeks 18 and 19

Weeks number eighteen and nineteen. If you're just tuning in, weeks number eighteen and nineteen of the drawer/shelf/cabinet/box a day dejunking challenge. I've been sorting out pictures, going through piles and piles of momentos and tickets, school concert programs, swim ribbons, Musical ensemble festival ribbons, field day ribbons, photos, school papers, Mother's and Father's day cards, I Love You notes, etc. Have been dooing that last week and this week. My hope is to get the new, improved and more organized piles into manageable order so that each night I can mount photos and put them into albums. I also decided to buy some baseball card holders at Target yesterday to hold the Relief Society membership cards that I wrote about in week number 17. I got them home and kept them in the package and measured out the cards against the holders. Some would have fit in perfectly, other were too big. So I am going to take the baseball card holders back unless I want to put school pictures in them. Thanks to my friend LW who is a scrapbook extraordinare and all around good egg, who suggested that I sew my own pockets in a scrapbook clear page protector to the sizes that I want. I just haven't figured out yet how I would make the openings into them so that I can remove them if I would want to. Maybe I don't need an opening. It will be clear and I can see both sides, so maybe I don't need an opening. Maybe if before sewing I made a tiny cut in the area of a pocket with an exacto knife and a piece of cardboard in the middle to protect the other side of the page. Then sew, then finish cutting out the slot with a pair of sharp small scissors? I also have some piles of unfiled papers and bills that I am needing to work on as well as the current paper clutter and bills. Paper clutter just never quits in my house. It NEVER takes a vacation. I am feeling good about what has been accomplished so far. If you came to my house right now you might not feel the same way, but believe me, I am making progress. Now to quit writing about it and to get to it!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Menus for the week with what's on sale May 5-May 11

Late this week. Sorry. Can't seem to get my act together lately.


1-Oatmeal, cantalope chunks
2-Cold cereal, milk, orange juice
3-Yogurt and granola, orange juice
4-Cold cereal, milk
6-Eggs, bacon
7-Yogurt and granola

1-PB&J sandwich, carrots, strawberries
2-Bologna sandwich, carrots, orange
3-PB&J sandwich, pudding cup
4-Bologna sandwich, apple
5-Cottage cheese and fruit
6-Hot dog, orange
7-Suddenly Salad pasta salad, apple

1-Spaghetti Alfredo, green salad, french bread stick
2-Hamburger on a bun, Suddenly Salad pasta salad, deviled eggs
3-Tilapia, corn on the cob, vegs.
4-Chicken with mushroom cream sauce, vegs., watermelon. After frying the chicken breasts, remove to a plate, brown the mushrooms, add the heavy cream and allow to thicken slightly on med. heat. Return chicken to skillet.
5-Mac & Cheese, vegs.
6-Smoked sausage and red potato skillet, vegs.
7-Waffles and bacon for dinner


Bar S jumbo meat franks, $1.25
Bar S Bologna, $1.25
Albertson's canned vegs., 2/.88 with coup in Wed. paper, limit four, buy 4
Fresh express salad, .88 with coup in Wed. paper, buy 1
Tilapia fitets, .88 each with coup in Wed. paper, buy 4 at $3.52
Johnsonville smoked sausage, $1.99 with coup in Wed. paper

Fri., Sat. and Sun. only, Hamburger buns, .99
Fri., Sat. and Sun. only, 80% hamburger, $1.69 lb., buy 2 lbs.
Boneless skinless chicken breasts, $1.69 lb., aprox. $4.50 per package
French stick bread, $1.49
Hunt's snack pack pudding, .99
Bashas cottage cheese, $1.29, buy 2
mini peeled carrots, .99 each
Heavy cream for the chicken cream sauce, allowed for $3

Seedless watermelon, $2.77
Farmer John bacon, $1.77, buy 2
Fry's milk, $1.68, buy 2
Kraft shredded cheese, for the saus/pot. skillet, $1.88
Sunny D, 10/$10, buy 1
Betty Crocker brownie mix, 10/$10, buy 1
Kroger peanut butter, .99
Fry's mac & cheese, .39, buy 2
Fry's canned fruit, .88
Ragu Alfredo, $1.67
Kroger yogurt, 10/$4, buy 10
Krusteaz pancake mix, 2/$4, buy 1
Kroger syrup, 2/$4, buy 1
suddenly Sald, 2/$3, buy 1
Fry's spaghetti, .88
Kroger value bread, .88, buy 4 at $3.52
Hot dog buns, I've allowed for $1.50

Strawberries, .88
Whole or sliced button mushrooms, .99 ea
GM honey nut cheerios or Cinn. toast crunch, $1.49

Oats, .69 lb.
Navel oranges, .88 lb., buy 4 lbs. at $3.52
Red Potatoes, .88 lb. or pkg.
Cantalope, .99 ea
Fri., Sat., Sun., only Gala apples, 3# bag, $1
Fri., Sat., Sun., only Sprouts large eggs, $1 doz., buy 2
Fri., Sat., Sun., only wild blueberry granola, $1 lb., buy 1 lb.

Items not on grocery list:
brown sugar
spices, herbs

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

And the weiner is.......

The Winner of the "It's almost summer" Fry's Gift Card contest is..........drumroll please........

Myrissa's Mom

Woo Hoooooo

Monday, May 3, 2010

Menu with what's on sale for the week of Apr. 28-May 4

A little late again this week, so sorry. Please take a moment, if you haven't already, to comment on the Apr. 17th post for the Fry's Gift Card contest, it ends tomorrow (Tues., May 4) night. I love all of the comments that I've been getting and enjoyed the one by anonymous that read, "My wife made me do this." What a good hubby you are anonymous.

Lots of Hispanic staples on sale this week. This is the week of the year that I like to stock up on my salsa (dear son can go through a jar in one day) and tortilla (I freeze them) and enchilada sauce supplies for the year. Add a coupon to the sale price and it can be a substantial savings. If you don't believe me, just try it.

Is it just me, or have you noticed food prices creeping up ever so gently and slowly again? Have you noticed product packaging is shrinking? Have you also noticed that manufacturer coupons are not as big of a value than they were two years ago? They are still good, don't get me wrong, but I've noticed that what once was a "buy one and get 55 cents off", that here in Arizona doubled to a dollar, is now more like "buy two and get 55 cents off" coupon. More important than ever to stock up on the goods when they are a decent price and with a coupon if possible and shop from your pantry instead of the store shelves each week.

Here it is:


**If you want cake this week, and you know that you do, add $2.49 to make a total of

1-Pancakes and syrup, orange juice
2-Cinnamon rolls, orange juice
3-Egg, potato and bacon breakfast burritos
5-Pancakes, syrup, cantalope
6-Bagels and cream cheese
7-Egg biscuit

1-Lunchmeat sandwich, grapes
2-Suddenly Salad pasta salad, orange
3-Tuna sandwich, grapes
4-Tuna sandwich, orange
5-Tuna sandwich, carrots, strawberries
6-Tony's pizza, carrots
7-Macaroni and cheese

1-Macaroni and cheese, canned veg of choice, french bread

2-Tacos, lime/cilantro rice

3-Baked chicken, mashed potatoes, steamed broccoli (Bake the boneless chicken breasts fully or part way and slice horizontially as to give you twice as many portions.) Use leftover chicken for chicken enchiladas on meal idea #5.

4-Tacquitos, guacamole salad see I was thinking that this had beans and corn in it, so that's what I planned on. Beans, corn and avacado, onion and red or yellow sweet pepper which would be delicious, I think. If you want to make the full recipe, you're going to have to add, grape tomatoes, and jalepenos to your grocery list. I personally would leave the jalepenos out.

5-chicken enchiladas, chips and salsa

6-Hot dogs, suddenly salad pasta salad

7-Crustless quiche or a crust quiche if you want, use some of the bacon for this, green salad

Cake if you've added it in your total

Grocery List:
Cantalope, 10/$10, buy 1
Mission soft taco flour tortillas, .99, buy 2
Mission tortilla chips, .99
Blue Ribbon Rice, 2/$1, buy 1
Green Giant vegetables, 2/$1, buy one, make one corn for the guac salad if you want corn in it
Chicken of the Sea tuna, 2/$1, buy 3
Bar S meat franks, .98
Cinnamon rolls from the bakery, 4 count, 10/$10, buy 1 pkg.
La Victoria enchilada sauce, 10/$10, buy 1
Albertson's milk, 3/$5, with coupon from Wed. ad
Donald Duck orange juice, $1.27 with coup form Wed. ad, buy 1
Iceberg lettuce, .49 each with coup from Wed. ad, buy 1
Ton's pizza, $1.57 with coup from Wed. ad, buy 2
Farmers bacon, $2.49 lb. with coup from Wed. ad, buy 1 lb. or buy bacon at Fry's for $2.50
French bread, .99 with coup from Wed. ad, buy 1
Albertson's chunk cheese, .98 each, with coup from Wed. ad, buy 2 and shred them yourself
Kraft Mac & cheese, .39 each, with coup from Wed. ad, buy 4
Smithfield lunchmeat, 10/$10, buy 1

10 # bag of russets, .79
**Pillsbury cake mix, .99
**Pillsbury frosting, 2/$3, buy 1
Food club black beans, .69
Betty Crocker complete pancake mix, $1.99
Eggo syrup, $1.99
Suddenly Salad, 4/$5, buy 2
Food Club olives, 4/$5
Jose Ole tacquitos, $3.99

Boneless, skinless chicken breast, $1.77 lb., buy 3 lbs. at $5.31
Red seedless grapes, .87 lb., buy 2 lbs.
Pace Picante sauce, $1.88
Kroger cream cheese, $1, buy 1
Kroger bagels, $1, buy 1
Pillsbury Grands! biscuits, 10/$10, buy 1
Kroger Value bread, .88, buy 4
Old El Paso or Kroger crunchy taco shells, 10/$10, buy 1
Hot dog buns, I've allowed for $1.50
Red or yellow pepper, I've allowed for $1
Red onion, I've allowed for $1

Lean ground beef, 1.99 lb., buy 1 lb.

Hass avocados, 3/$1, buy 2 at .67
cucumbers, 3/$1, buy 1 at .33
Strawberries, 2/$3, buy 1
Cilantro, buy 1 at .33
Green onions, buy 1 at .33
Limes, buy 6 at $2
Navel oranges, .77 lb., buy 4 lbs.
Oats, .69 lb., buy 1
baby carrots, .99 lb.
broccoli, .99 lb., buy 1 lb.

Items not on grocery list:
Olive oil

Other great deals this week:
Blackberries, .99-Safeway
Avocados, 3/$1-Safeway
Dole classic iceberg salad, .79-Bashas
Albertson's suffing, $1-Albertson's
Brianna salad dressing, $2.50-Albertson's