Friday, July 31, 2009

Cheep chicken

Cheap Chicken! After thinking that I got a great deal last week on the Tyson boneless and skinless chicken breasts or tenders, and after canning 8 pkgs of them, what did I find today at Fry's while mulling around waiting for a Prescription to be filled? Tyson boneless/skinless chicken breasts or tenders, the same thing as last week and the fireman there kindly pointed me to the sign that read, .69 lb. What! .69 lb.?! Yes, what a steal. All of you couponers hyperventilating right now, I already checked the coupon for any Tyson chicken product that was in the paper about a month ago and it expired on Wed. Free chicken would have been just too much to hope for. But this is a great deal. I don't know if it's just at my store though since it's an unadvertised special. So when you're at Fry's for .99 milk, check in the chicken bins to see. And if you do find them, switch them out with the Bashas rotisserie chicken for meal idea #3 on the budget meals for this week. The pkgs. that I picked had 3 breasts in them, one pkg. was .65 and the other .96, so you could fill up on chicken for a lot less than what I had originally planned on.

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