Sunday, September 13, 2009

Menu for what's on sale for Sept. 9-Sept. 16

So late in the sales week, but better late than never. Remember that you have until Monday night, Sept. 14th to enter in the Fry's $20 GC giveaway. See my post way down there, under the "Announcing.." headliner.

Here we go...$69.12 this week

1-Cold cereal, sliced peaches
2-Hard boiled eggs, toast
3-Cold cereal
4-French toast, cantaloupe slices
5-Cold cereal
6-Cold cereal
7-Eggs, toast

1-Tuna sandwich, cookie
2-cottage cheese/canned fruit salad, celery sticks
3-Pork sandwich, apple wedges (keep some apple for the Spinach Salad for dinner idea #3)
4-Egg salad sandwich, tortilla chips, cookie
5-Tuna sandwich, strawberries
6-Chicken Noodle or tomato soup, leftover corn muffins
7-Macaroni and Cheese, Soda

1-Macaroni and cheese, canned vegetable of your choice

2-Pork roast, canned vegetable of your choice, bread dressing, see for recipe for bread dressing. Cut the pork loin into 3 pieces (or more?). One for the roast, one for the strips for stir fry and one to freeze for next week or the week after. Leftover roasted pork can be used for sandwiches. I did not put an onion down on the grocery list for the bread dressing, so if you need onion in this dish, add it to your grocery list.

3-Spinach Salad, french bread. See recipe below for Spinach Salad.

4-Pork stir fry with Ramen noodles. Use pork strips, broccoli and mushrooms for stir fry.

5-Taco Soup, corn muffins. Tortilla chips, sour cream and avocados for toppers. See recipe below for the Taco Soup

6-Bacon and tomato sandwiches. Add $1.28 to the week's food budget and buy some Kroger Value french fries to go with it if desired. Peach Raspberry Crisp for dessert. See side bar to take you to the entry that has the link for the recipe.

7-Spaghetti, sauce, garlic bread

Spinach Salad (Beth C., who gave it to Ginna B., who gave it to me)

Fresh spinach, washed
shredded or thinly sliced cabbage or some cole slaw mix
sliced strawberries
diced apple
Brianna's brand poppy seed dressing
(halved grapes, but the budget did not allow for grapes this time)
(Toasted amaranth and cooked quinoa are also added as are sugared cashews but I did not allow for them in the budget this time. Also adding cooked chicken or pork is good.)

Taco Soup (Kathy G., who gave it to Margie M., who gave it to me)

1 lb. of ground beef or ground turkey
1 small to medium onion, diced
1 can of corn with liquid (15 oz.)
1 can of black beans or pinto beans, with liquid (15 oz.)
1 can of diced tomatoes (28 oz.), or two smaller cans (15 oz.)
2 cans of tomato sauce (8 oz. each)
1 C. of water
1 package of taco seasoning

Brown ground beef. Drain grease. Sautee onion or cook in a bowl with a small amount of olive oil in it in the microwave for 30 seconds. Combine everything in a pot, heat until hot. Serve with toppers.

Shredded cheddar or Monterrey jack cheese
jalapenos, pickled or fresh
sour cream
sliced olives
sliced or diced avocado
sliced green onion
tortilla chips or corn tortilla strips fried in oil and salted. Or you can bake them.

(serves 4-6)

Now for the Grocery List:
Calidad tortilla chips, .99
Albertson's french bread, .99, buy 2
Hunt's diced tomatoes, .99
Jiffy corn muffin mix, 2/.79, buy 2
Bunch spinach, .69, buy 2

Boneless pork loin, $1.27 lb., aprox. $11 for one (cut into 3 pieces. Use one for a roast, one for pork stir fry and freeze one piece for next week or the next week)
Utah peaches, .79, buy 5 lbs, aprox., at $3.95
Strawberries, $1, buy 2
Bashas' large eggs, .88, buy 2
Del Monte vegetables, .69, buy 3
Lawry's taco seasoning, 2/$1, buy 1
S&W black beans, .75
Shamrock Farms sour cream, $1.39 (use a coupon and pay .39 for this)
Celery, .79
Broccoli, .99
Dole mushrooms, .88
Brianna's poppy seed dressing, I've allowed for $4.70 for this
Del Monte fruit, .75
Hamburger, $2.49 lb., $3.50 per package, aproximately
Cabbage, I've allowed for $1 for this
Large tomatoes, $1.99 lb.

Fry's milk, $1.39, buy 2 (you can also buy the milk at the same price at Albertson's)
Driscolls raspberries, $1, buy 1
Gala apples, .77 lb., buy 2 lbs.
Campbell's chicken noodle or tomato soup, .49, buy 3
Maruchan Ramen noodles, .10, buy 2
Bumble Bee chunk light tuna, .47, buy 2
Fry's chicken broth, .50, buy 2
Fry's tomato sauce, .15, buy 2
Fry's macaroni and cheese, .29, buy 3
Big K soda, .47, buy 1
Kroger Value cereal, .99, buy 3 (or you can buy the Malt O Meal cereal at Albertson's for .99 each)
Kroger Value cookies, $1.19, buy 1
Bar S bacon, $1.99
Kroger cottage cheese, $1.18
Kroger Value bread, .88, buy 4 loaves
Fry's spaghetti, .88
Kroger Value spaghetti sauce, $1.19

Chilean Hass avocados, .49
Cantaloupe, .99

Items not on the grocery list:
herbs and spices

Other great deals this week:
Gala apples, .69 lb.-Safeway
Lucerne milk, $1.39-Safeway
Fresh and Easy shredded cheese, $1.99-Fresh and Easy
Yoplait yogurt, .40-Bashas'
Macayo diced green chilis, 2/$1-Bashas'
Malt O Meal cereal, .99-Albertson's
Albertson's milk-$1.39-Albertson's
Land o Frost Deli Shaved lunchmeat, $2.50-Albertson's
Albertson's sour cream, .99-albertson's
Kroger Value sugar, $1.69-Fry's
Kroger sour cream, $1.19-Fry's

The Utah peaches at Bashas. My friend was telling me that her friend takes the sliced, peeled peaches and puts them in a ziplock baggie. Then she puts that in a pie plate and freezes it so that it forms to the pan form. She then takes out the pan once the peaches are frozen and stacks them. Then when she wants peach pie, she takes out a bag of pie form peaches and plops them into a pie crust.

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