Thursday, October 27, 2011

Halloween candy coo

I know that I spelled coo wrong. I scored a great deal on Hershey's snack size bars today at Walgreen's. Use Walgreen's store coupon and the Hershey's bags are $1.99. Go to and you can print off TWO coupons for a dollar off of Hershey's candy. Use that at Walgreen's with the other coupon and you can get a bag of snack sized Hersheys for .99. So go stock up for Halloween or parties or Trunk or Treat gatherings this weekend. I didn't have any problems with them taking my printed coupons and I know my friend didn't have any problems either. The site allows you to print off two coupons. I'm repeating myself. Thanks to Emily M. for that deal of deals via her mother.

Also I wanted to mention that Mindy has started doing "The $50 Stockpile" blog again. Very informative and always entertaining. Her blog is a cross between SisterSavings and an Irma Bombeck column. Check it out at

So I unintentionally have not blogged for awhile. I goofed on the last post I did and posted it to the YW's cooking blog in our ward. OOPS, and I don't know how I did it. Embarrassing. I've also been writing more detailed letters to my son, who is finally in Honduras, arriving on Sept. 19. He is doing well, adapting to eating Baleadas and Tajatas (egg and bean tacos and fried bananas). Poor baby has a someone who cooks and does his laundry for him. I'm sure that's as deluxe as it gets, though. He can now speak Spanish but can't understand anyone there because of the rapidity and a pronounced slur in their speech. LOL. It will come with time there and he knows that. So far he's having a great mission experience.

Well, the good news is that I have a menu worked up with the sales for this week, the bad news is that I haven't figured the figures yet, but I will tomorrow and post it as soon as I can.


  1. I've missed reading your posts this last month so I'm glad you're back :)
    I'm so excited about Mindy's blog!!!! Gonna go check it out. I loved reading it back when she was doing it before. Thanks for the heads up.

  2. Sorry to be so flakey. I really was trying to be consistent and then I posted that last post on a Sunday night and when i checked on Monday night it wasn't there and I thought where did it go to? I found it on the YW's blog and then we couldn't transfer it over to mine, we tried to but couldn't and it was too late by then to type it out and repost. And as far as the rest of the weeks? I don't know where the month has gone, do you?

  3. Yeah, only 8 weeks till Christmas. Yikes!!! No worries about the posts. :) Life happens to us all. I just enjoy reading the blogs. - Jessica