Sunday, November 22, 2009

Budget Menu for what's on sale Nov. 17-Nov. 26

Took me a long time this time. I get distracted easily and I was planning eleven days. Don't ask me why eleven. The ad this week runs until Thursday, the 26th, which is Thanksgiving day. And then I don't think that we will get an ad until Wednesday again. The following Wednesday, as in the first Wednesday in Dec. There might be some weekend specials though, to tide us over. So the total is twice as much. But there is a BIG Thanksgiving day menu and eleven days worth of food in there. Do as little or as much as you want. I think all recipes for this week are already on the left side. I am more scattered as usual as I'm writing this, so check your grocery list carefully with your final plan for your menu.

EDIT NOTE: I bought four packages of Oscar Mayer bacon at Fry's on Sat. and received two catalina print out coupons for $2 off of my next purchase at Fry's. Which I can use to purchase more bacon and freeze. makes the bacon really cheap. There was also a coupon in Albertson's ad Sunday for buy one Bar S bacon and receive two free that could be used at Fry's this week. I haven't figured out what the bacon would end up being per package with that deal. So, no excuses to go without pork fat this week.


- $5.00 from Sprouts coupon
- $5.00 from Fresh and easy coupon

1-Egg biscuit, cranberry juice
2-Pancakes, bacon
4-Ham and eggs, toast
5-Cold cereal, milk
6-Pancakes, sausage
7-Oatmeal, cinnamon toast
8-Pancakes, bacon
9-Cold cereal, milk, apple juice
10-Breakfast tacos
11-Egg biscuit

1-PB&J sandwich, banana, cookie
2-Ham sandwich, banana
3-PB&J sandwich, apple, pretzels
4-Ham sandwich, wheat thins, apple
5-Turkey sandwich, orange
6-PB&J sandwich, wheat thins, cookie
7-Turkey sandwich, animal crackers
8-Bacon sandwich, cookie
9-PB&J sandwich, orange
10-Egg salad sandwich, apple
11-PB&J sandwich, cookie, apple

1-Ham, scalloped potatoes, vegetable (freeze ham in portions for sandwiches and meals, then thaw accordingly)

2-Grilled cheese sandwich

3-Taco soup with sour cream and cheese as accoutrements

4-Thanksgiving Dinner
Cranberry juice
Potato chips, wheat thins, carrot/celery sticks, ranch dip(sour cream with garlic salt to taste, thinned with a little milk or water to desired consistency)
Apple/Sage dressing
Mashed Potatoes
Cranberry sauce
Green bean casserole
Pretzel jello salad
Crescent rolls
Pie, whipped cream

5-Turkey Cottage pie, leftover vegs/salads

6-Baked Potatoes with leftover taco soup on top, leftover vegetables from Thanksgiving dinner

7-Spaghetti, garlic toast

8-Turkey Quesadillas, vegetable

9-Salad, crescent rolls. Use any leftover Ranch dip from Thanksgiving as salad dressing if desired, by thinning down with a little more water or milk. Or leave thick if you like it that way. throw in some dried onions or minced fresh onion if you like.

10-Ham Fried Rice, vegetables

11-Frittata, leftover vegetables

Ice cream

Grocery List:
Norbest Turkey, .29 lb with $50 purchase, a 15# bird will be $4.35
Cooks smoked Ham, .99 lb., aprox. $10
Apples, .49 lb., buy 10 lbs. at $4.90
Pumpkin or apple pie, $2.99
Bashas milk, $1.49, buy 3
Flav R Pac vegetables, .69, buy 5
Bashas eggs, $1.29, buy 3
Ocean spray juice, $1.99, buy 2
Food Club butter with shocker coupon and $25 purchase, .98
Blue Bunny ice cream, $1.48 with shocker coupon and $25 purchase
Ocean Spray cranberry sauce, $1.00
Stokely's vegs, .59, corn for taco soup
Food Club tomatoes, .69, buy 2
Princella yams, $1.50
Wheat thins, $1.88
Carrots, .49 for a lb. bag
Celery, .79
Black beans, allow for .99 for a can
taco seasoning, allow for .99 for a packet
Flour tortillas, allow for $2.99, buy 2
Tomato sauce, allow for .50, buy 2
Onion, allow for $1, buy 2
Strawberry jello, allow for $1.00
Frozen strawberries, allow for $3.00
Lettuce, allow for $1.50
Tomatoes, allow for $1.00
rice, allow for $1.50

Russet potatoes, 5 lb. bag, .58, buy 2
Heinz gravy, $1.00
Cool whip, $1.00, buy 2
Kraft Phildelphia cream cheese, $1.00
sour cream, $1.00, buy 2
Kroger shredded cheese, .97, buy 2
Kroger bar cheese, .97
Lay's Potato chips, $1.77
Oscar Mayer bacon, $1.77, buy 2 (there is a killer coupon out there, taking $1 off, see http://www.couponsense/ for more info.)
Bananas, .39 lb., buy 5 lbs.
Farmer John pork sausage links, 10/$10, buy 2 (buy 3 or 4 if you want sausage in your bread dressing for Thanksgiving day dinner)
French's fried onions, $2.99
Pillsbury Grands, $1.88, buy 2
Krusteaz Pancake mix, $2.49
Kroger pancake syrup, $2.49
Pretzel sticks, $1.50
Swanson broth, .75, buy 2
Kroger Value bread, .88, buy 6
Fry's spaghetti, .88
Kroger Value pasta sauce, $1.15
Kroger Value cereal, $1.00, buy 2
Kroger Value cookies, $1.19, buy 2
Kroger Value animal crackers, .99
Kroger Value apple juice cocktail, $1.29
Pillsbury crescents, !.88, buy 2
Oats, allow for $1.50
Campbells cream of mushroom soup, .75
Kroger Value peanut butter, $1.49

Oranges, .33 lb., buy 10 lbs. at $3.30
Lean ground beef, $1.99 lb., buy 3 lbs. at $5.97

Other great deals:
Mrs. Cubbisons dressing, .99-Fresh and Easy
Farmer John half ham, .77 lb-Fresh and Easy
Stove top stuffing, $1.00-Fry's
C&H brown or powdered sugar, $1.29-Bashas
Lean ground beef, $1.99 lb.-Sprouts

Ingredients not listed:
brown sugar
garlic salt
you'll need more butter most likely

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