Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Super Duper Bowl Snacks

I've just been thinking:

Get a cheap pizza, the Red Barons at Fry's this week on the 10 item deal are cheap and if you're not having pizza for the main dish, then cut a pizza in little snack sized squares for one of the appetizers.

Use the egg roll idea in the appetizer section of the recipe list but instead of using cabbage and whatever, fill a crescent roll rectangle, or smaller, with shredded or diced meats and cheese. Add Bar B Q sauce if you're feeling wacky. Seal up. Bake to package instructions. You could also do cooked taco meat. Pepperoni, cheese and pizza sauce. Or go oriental and with chicken or pork and hosein sauce. Or corned beef and sauteed cabbage/carrot mix. Or pastrami and some saurkraut that the moisture has been taken out of.

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