Monday, May 2, 2011

Menu with what's on sale for the week of Apr. 27-May 3

I've been a little overwhelmed mentally and physically lately. So, sorry, I've not been attending to the blog the way that I should. It is late in the shopping week for a post, but better late than never?


1-Bagels/cream cheese
2-Breakfast tacos with chorizo and eggs
4-French toast with crusty french bread, strawberries and bacon
5-Egg Mc Muffin, banana
7-Cinnamon rolls, cantaloupe chunks

1-Ham sandwich, carrots
2-PB&J sandwich, orange
3-Ham sandwich, apple wedges
4-PB&J sandwich, grapes
5-Ham sandwich, cantaloups chunks
6-Lettuce salad with hard boiled eggs and bacon crumbles or with leftover taco meat.
7-Suddenly Salad pasta salad

1-Hamburgers, potato salad
2-Chicken, Rice A Roni, cauliflower
3-Chicken enchiladas, green salad, watermelon chunks
4-Meatloaf, garlic mashed potatoes, sauteed zucchini coins
5-Tacos, spanish rice
7-Stuffed pepper halves with Rice A Roni, cucumber wedges, applesauce and french bread

Fresh express salad, $1
4 count cinnamon rolls, $1
Suddenly Salad past salad mix, $1
Hamburger rolls, $1
Don Pancho tortilla, $1, you may need two packs, I don't know how many are in one
large cantaloupe, $1 ea
Pork chorizo, $1
Smithfield bacon, $3.99
Old El Paso taco easoning, .69
Old El Paso taco shells, $1, buy 1
Old El Paso enchilada sauce, 2/$3 buy 1
Old El Paso Spanish Rice mix, $1
Old El Paso taco shells, $1
Albertson's eggs, with coupon, .88, limit 2, buy 2
Ground chuck with 5 lbs. purchase, $2.19 lb., buy 5 lbs.
Iceberg, .49 ea, with coup
French bread, .99 with coupon, limit 2, buy 2

Strawberries, .95, buy 2
Chicken, .69 lb., value pack, 5 lbs. would be $3.45
green bell peppers, 2/$1, buy 2
American Chef lunchmeat, 2/$5, buy 1
Rice A Roni, 10/$10, buy 2
Bashas English muffins, $1.99
Mott's apple sauce, 2/$4, buy 1
Oats, $1.79
Watermelon, .17 lb., aprox. $1
Bananas, .49 lb, buy 2 lbs.
onions, .69 lb., buy 1

Taking all competitor's coups, use fresh and Easy coup if you have $30 worth of stuff, also there is an Albertson's $10 off of $100

Naval oranges, 3 lbs./.99
Red grapes, .79 lb, buy 2 lbs.
Kroger bagels, 10/$10, buy 1
Kroger cream cheese, 10/$10, buy 1
Kroger cheese, $3.29
Red Potatoes, 2 lbs./.99, buy 4 lbs. at $1.98
Kroger Value bread, .88, buy 4
Kroger Value Peanut butter, $1.49

Cucumber, .49 ea
green onions, .49 ea
Italian squash, .77 lb.
carrots, .99
Cauliflower, .99 lb, buy 2 lbs.
Gala apples, .99 lb., buy 2 lbs.

Items not on grocery lists:
sour cream
salad dressing
hamburger condiments

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