Monday, May 2, 2011

Feta Spinach stuffed Flank Steak

We love this. Not sure exactly how to describe the fileting of the flank steak without pictures. Maybe I will have to buy one and make it for dinner this week to show you. Butterflying the meat is a little tricky and you need to be extremely careful. If you bought a thin enough flank steak, the butterflying step could be omitted. You may be able to only need one flank steak for 4 people but we love it so much that we need two. Leftovers get put away and get snacked on for breakfast and lunch, and never seem to make it to the next dinner.

Feta and Spinach stuffed Flank Steak

2 flank steaks, reasonably thick.
fresh baby spinach leaves
crumbled feta
olive oil
salt and pepper

First of all I take the flank steak and position it in front of me on a cutting board so the the grain of the meat is verticle in front of me. I then make a slit with a sharp knife in the middle going from top to bottom and not slicing through the meat to the board. Then I make cuts to open up the left side of the meat, you are butterflying it open. I then do the same with the right side until I have three times as much space covered on the board than when I started. If you have a few holes, it's okay, this is incredibly forgiving, just smush it all together so that the holes aren't obvious. Salt and pepper, add a couple of hand fulls of spinch, had a liberal coating of cheese and then roll up, jelly roll style being sure that the grain runs long so that when you cut the meat that you are cutting against the grain and not with it. Sprinkle with olive oil, more salt and pepper. Cook at 350 and check at 30 minutes. It's done when the meat has started to get a gorgeous light but brown crust on it. You want it to be pink inside. Let the meat rest for about ten minutes, then slice against the grain. If you want, you can serve a beef gravy on top.

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