Thursday, September 22, 2011

Menu with what's on sale for the week of Sept. 21-Sept. 27

Some good buys this week. If I were going to stockpile chickens this week, I would go to Bashas' several times and buy the Sanderson Farms Whole chicken fryers at .67 lb. There is a limit of 2 per visit. Also on Fri., Sat. and Sun., the Bashas' sandwich bread is .99 loaf. Red Baron pizza for $2.88 per pizza. Nothing beats a Red Baron Pizza on a Sunday night or when you don't know what else to do for dinner.

If you want to add apple juice for some mornings, Albertson's apple juice or apple cider for $1.48 at Albertson's. I wouldn't stockpile now, it will probably go much cheaper closer to Halloween.

You could keep the budget in the 70's if you omit the thick cut bacon from Bashas'.


1-Breakfast taco, orange juice (flour tortilla, eggs and some bacon crumbles)
2-Cold cereal, milk, orange juice
3-Cold cereal, milk, orange juice
4-Oatmeal, orange juice
5-Cold cereal, milk
6-Oatmeal, orange juice
7-French toast

1-Tuna sandwich, grapes
2-PB&J sandwich, orange
3-Tuna sandwich, apple, carrot sticks
4-Cottage cheese, cantaloupe chunks
5-Ham sandwich, apple
6-Pizza, soda, cantaloupe chunks
7-Lunchmeat sandwich, grapes, carrot sticks

1-French bread pizza, green salad, deviled eggs
2-Ham fried rice, egg rolls (use some ham lunchmeat)
3-Potatoes and sausage skillet, steamed carrots
4-Roasted chicken, green beans, green salad
5-Hot dog, buns, potato salad
6-Soup, garlic cheese toast
7-Favorite chicken rice (chicken risotto), broccoli, french bread. See recipes under chicken

Cantaloupe, .88
Hunt's pasta sauce, .88
Hillshire Farm smoked sausage, $3.98
Mission Flour tortillas, 2/$3, buy 1
French bread, .98, buy 2
Carrots, 2 lb. bag, .88
Red new potatoes, .88 lb., buy 3 lbs.

Bashas' eggs, Fri., Sat. & Sun. only, .88, limit 2, buy 2
Bashas' sandwich bread, .99, limit 3, buy 3
Whole chicken, .67 lb., limit 2, buy 4 lbs.
green grapes, .88 lbs., limit 5 lbs., buy 3 lbs.
Gala apples, .88 lbs, limit 5 lbs., buy 3 lbs.
Red Baron Pizza, $2.88
Tai Pei egg rolls, $4.99
Bashas' cottage cheese, $2.39
Progresso soup, $1, buy 3
Starkist tuna, .69, buy 2
Thick slice bacon from the meat counter, $3.49 lb.

Kroger cheese, $2.99
Green onions, 2/$1, buy 1 at .50
Radishes, 2/$1, buy 1 at .50
cucumbers, .59
mushrooms, 2/$3, buy 1 at $1.50
Bar S Franks, 10/$10
Kroger Value buns, .99
Kroger Value Peanut butter, $1.99
Fry's chicken broth, .99, buy 2
Kroger rice, $1.79
Kroger Orange juice, $1.32, buy 2 at $2.64
Kroger bag cereal, $3.39
Big K soda, .69
Kroger Value Ham lunchmeat, $3.97
Milk, I've allowed for $2.50, buy 2 gallons at $5.00

Roma tomatoes, .88 lb.
Bell Peppers, 3/$1, buy 1 at .33
Iceberg lettuce, .88
Green beans, .88 lb.
Broccoli, .88 lb.
oranges, .99 lb., buy 4 lbs. at $3.96
Oats, .89 lb., buy 2 lbs.

Items not on grocery list:
butter or margerine
spices and herbs
condiments for hot dogs

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