Thursday, August 20, 2009

Menu for what's on sale Aug. 18-Aug. 25

You can save a couple of dollars on this plan this week if you use coupons. If you want to know more, see



1-Cold Cereal
2-Egg biscuit
3-Cold Cereal
4-French toast
5-Eggs, sausage
7-French toast


1-Tuna sandwich, grapes, Flavor Aid
2-Bologna sandwich, apple
3-Tuna sandwich, leftover macaroni salad if any, juice box
4-Chicken salad sandwich, fruit gel bowl, celery/gr. pepper strips, Flavor Aid
5-Bologna sandwich, apple, celery, juice box
6-Ramen Noodles, scallion slices on top, Flavor Aid
7-Ramen Noodles
If you home school you can save $ this week by having lots of Ramen noodles and Mac & Cheese for lunch


1-Mac & Cheese and hot dog slices, canned vegetable

2-Chinese Chicken coleslaw, muffins. Use half of this chicken package for this meal and half for the chicken salad sandwiches for lunch idea #4. Recipe for Cabbage Ramen Salad is below

3-Hamburgers, macaroni salad. Use a package of the mac & cheese minus the cheese sauce to make the macaroni salad, with celery dices and whatever else you like and mayonnaise. Nectarine Tart for dessert, see for a recipe

4-Bean/cheese burrito, green salad

5-Baked chicken, mashed potatoes, steamed fresh green beans

6-Hamburger Helper, canned vegetable, ice cream for dessert

7-Scalloped potatoes with cooked sausage crumbles, canned vegetable

Cabbage Ramen Salad



1/4 C. sugar

1/2 C. white wine vinegar (I use white, cider or rice vinegar)

1 C. oil

2 seasoning packets from ramen package (I never use these)


1 med. head cabbage, sliced thin or packaged cole slaw, not sure how many packages equal a head though

4 stalks green onion, sliced

1 C. almonds, sliced

2 pkgs., Ramen noodles, chicken flavor

1 C. sesame seeds

Combine dressing ingredients; mix well and chill. Combine cabbage and green onions. Roast almonds and sesame seeds at 350 degrees for 10 minutes. Cool. Crumble dry ramen. Sprinkle ramen, almonds and sesame seeds over cabbage mixture. Before serving, pour dressing over salad and toss to coat.

Variation: Add shredded cooked chicken or turkey. Or add thinly sliced char siu.

OK, so I do things a little differently when I make this but couldn't find my handwritten recipe and this was close. I crumble the ramen noodles and then on low to med heat in some butter or margarine slowly cook in a fry pan until they are golden. Then cool. And hide them until you are ready to use them, because the family will figure out quickly that these are yummy this way and they will disappear, much like croutons that never make it onto the salad. I never put sesame seeds or almonds in mine anymore so therefore I don't roast them and I probably wouldn't roast them if I did put them in, I would just dump them in the salad. But that's just me. Also, if you want to add nuts but don't have almonds, think peanuts, or chopped macadamias or cashews, or pumpkin seeds or sunflower seeds, or pistachios, Almond Accents would be fabulous. You could even pick out the sunflower seeds and peanuts and raisins out of the trail mix if you wanted to for it(raise your hand if you've ever picked out all of the m&m's out of the trail mix when no one else was home! Hand being raised right now.) Whatever you have that you like and your little salad eaters will eat.

Here's the grocery list for the week:

Albertson's Mac & Cheese, 4/$1, buy 4
Chicken of the Sea chunk light tuna, 2/$1, buy two unless you like more tuna on your sandwiches
Maruchan Ramen Noodles, 10/$1, buy six
Albertson's shredded cheese, .97, buy one
Betty Crocker muffin mix, 3/$1, buy 3
Fresh picked green beans, .99 lb., buy one lb

Yellow Nectarines, .79 lb., buy 2 lbs. at $1.58, you actually need 3 nectarines for the recipe if you are making the nectarine almond tart.
Gala Apples, .88 lb, buy 8 apples, at aprox. $2.16
Green bell pepper, .33 ea., buy one
Bashas milk, $1.39, buy 2
Food Club vegetables, .48, buy 3
Breyer's pints ice cream, $1, buy 2
Fresh ground beef, 90% lean, $1.77 for 4# or more, pkg. aprox. $5.56, a little over 3#
Bashas fresh split chicken breasts, .77 lb. Buy two pkgs. at aprox. $2.80 per package, 4 breasts in each
Bar S meat bologna, $1.25
Bar S jumbo meat franks, $1.25
Tree top 3 pack juice boxes, .99, buy 3
Flavor Aid drink mix, .11, buy 3 at .33
Hamburger buns, $1.49 or $1.29 in the Bakery
Bashas lg. eggs, dozen .99, buy 3

Fry's mega 10 event
1-Hamburger Helper .77
2-Betty Crocker Augratin or Scalloped potatoes, .77 (2/3 C. prepared, 5 servings
3-Betty Crocker Augratin or Scalloped potatoes, .77
4-Betty Crocker mashed potatoes, .77 (8 servings)
5-Pillsbury Grands! biscuits , .88
6-Quaker or General Mills cereals, $1.39
7-Quaker or General Mills cereals, $1.39
8-Pillsbury Pie crust, $1.99
9-Old El Paso refried beans, .49
10-Old El Paso refried beans, .49
Green onions, 2/$1, buy one bunch at .50
Dole classic iceberg salad, $1
Dole classic cole slaw, $1
Celery, $1
Farmer John pork links, $1, buy 2
Four tortillas, I allowed for $2.90
Kroger Value bread, .88, buy 4 at $3.52

Green, red, or black grapes, .69 lb, buy 2 lbs. at $1.38

Items I have left out:

Mayo, mustard, sugar, flour, honey, taco sauce, almonds, butter

Other great buys this week:

Extra Lean ground beef, $1.99 lb. at Sprouts
Green Giant canned vegetables, .49 on the mega 10 event at Fry's
Cross rib steak, $1.88 lb. at Fry's
Gorton's fish fillets, 2/$7 at Bashas
Iceberg lettuce, .88 ea at Bashas
Beef tenderloin, $4.99 lb., aprox. $34.73 per bag, a savings of $48.72 at Bashas. WOW.
Chicken thighs, drumsticks or quarters, .88 lb. at Safeway
Broccoli crowns, .79 lb. at Safeway
Walla Walla sweet onions, .69 lb. at Safeway
93 % lean gr. beef, $1.77 lb. at Albertsons

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  1. My friend Kelly tells me that putting the almonds in the pan to toast along with the crushed noodles and butter is worth it. They get a flavor and crunch to them that is really wonderful with the cabbage and onions and dressing.