Saturday, August 22, 2009

A thought

I had a thought this morning. Let me start with a quick background to it. The past two weeks I have been approached two different times in two different grocery store parking lots by people asking for money to either buy food or to help pay the mortgage/bills. At the beginning of the summer my friend helped her daughter, who is 15 and who wanted to get together some food kits for people they might randomly see who might need it. So, my friend helped her buy the needed food and water and assemble the kits. They put a can of chili, a bottle of water, a plastic spoon, and I'm not sure what else, a granola bar or two, whatever they felt could be used, and put them in bags. Hard candy, gum, trail mix, nuts, it would all work. Now when they see someone who looks like they could use it, they hand them a bag. So my thought is that we can all help in little ways and that turns into something big. I was thinking that if everyone bought a dollar or two worth of Ramen noodles this week(Albertson's, 10/$1), or whatever is non perishable and cheap and kept them in their car, heat permitting, along with some water(when it gets cooler), then when someone asks you if you have $ for food, you have something to give them. Or make some "help" bags like my friend's daughter did. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Now you can take that statement a couple of different ways. I say that we help before desperate people resort to desperate measures. Just a thought.


  1. What a great idea! I'll have to pass it on!

  2. wonderwoman....are you still there? Just checking.