Monday, August 9, 2010

Menu with what's on sale for the week of 4 Aug. to 10 Aug.

OK, so a little late again. There have been some good deals to be had this week so I hope that you are reading your grocery ads. I got a pork loin at Bashas' on Sat. for around $13 and am going this morning for the .99 Cranberry juice. In a couple of weeks when it gets closer to the national norm of school opening, there will be good prices on peanut butter, granola bars, canned soup.


1-Oatmeal, apple juice
2-Brakfast taco with tortilla, eggs, cheese, sausage
3-Oatmeal, banana
4-Oatmeal, fresh pineapple chunks
6-French toast

1-Bologna sandwich, brownie
2-PB&J sandwich, cantaloupe chunks
3-Ramen noodles, brownie
4-PB&J sandwich, strawberries
5-Bologna sandwich, watermelon chunks
6-Ramen noodles
7-Chicken wrap, pepper strips

1-Spaghetti Alfredo, green salad, crusty bread
2-Marinated Top sirloin on the grill. Corn on the cob, steamed broccoli
3-Hamburger stroganoff, applesauce. See recipes under ground beef for Hamburger Strogonoff recipe
4-Taco soup. If leftover corn on the cob, strip the niblets off of the cob and use that in the soup. See recipes under soup for recipe for Taco soup. Sour cream, shredded cheese as toppers.
5-Hot dogs with buns, potato salad
6-Chicken Polynesian salad with cantaloupe wedges. See recipe under Salads.
7-Cheese Omelets, crusty bread

Banana cupcakes

Grocery list:
Sweet corn, 5/$1, buy 5
Boneless, skinless chicken breasts, $1.67 lb., buy 3 lbs. at $5.01
Bar S franks, 10/$10, buy 1
Bar S bologna, 10/$10, buy 1
Don Pancho tortillas, 10/$10, buy 1
English cucumbers, 10/$10, buy 1
Tillamook cheese, $3.99 with coupon from Wed. ad
Pillsbury brownie, .88 with coupon from Wed. ad
Dole Pineapple, .87 with coupon from Wed. ad
Resers Potato salad, .99 lb with coupon from Wed. ad

Red or green grapes, .77 lb, buy 2 lbs.
Bashas milk, $1.67 gal., $3.34
Mini watermelon, $1.99
Ragu Pasta sauce, .99
Food Club pasta, .99
Food Club applesauce, 2/$3
Bashas sour cream, $1.29, buy 2
Dole bananas, .48 lb., buy 10 lbs.
Green bell peppers, 2/$1, buy 1
Eggs, I've allowed for $1.29/doz., buy 2
Top Sirloin, $1.99 lb., buy 2 lbs. at $3.98
Cream cheese, I've allowed for .99

Del Monte gold pineapple, $1
Maruchan Ramen noodles, 6/$1
Fry's vegetables, 5/$3, buy one can of corn at .60. Don't buy corn if you plan to use the leftover corn on the cob for the taco soup
Fry's tomato sauce, 2/.88, buy 2
Fry's canned tomatoes, .77, buy 2
Fry's black beans, .77, buy 1
Langer's apple juice, .99
Kroger Value Peanut butter, $1.49
Kroger Value bread, .88, buy 4
Hot dog buns, I've allowed for $1.50
Vanilla yogurt, .75
Onion, I've allowed for $1
Mushrooms, I've allowed for $2
noodles, I've allowed for $2
scallions, I've allowed for .50

Ground beef, $1.29 lb., min. 5lb. purchase, $6.45

Strawberries, .88
Jumbo cantaloupe, .88
Broccoli crowns, .88 lb., buy 2
Romaine lettuce, .88
French bread, $1.29, buy 2
Oats, .69 lb., buy 4 lbs.

Items not on grocery list:
mandarin oranges
powdered sugar

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