Friday, August 13, 2010

What's for dinner?

I have no idea what to do for dinner tonight. We've eaten stuffed pork chops all week long that were leftover from Sunday's dinner. Also keilbasa with Rice A Roni and meat loaf. And Shepherd's Pie. And a big green salad last night with nothing eggciting but hard boiled eggs on it and for the adventurous among us, dried cranberries and onion/raspberry vinaigrette. Nothing sounds good to me today. The family would probably be happy with Pizza tonight but the wicked truth is, and call me crazy, I get tired of pizza. I would not fare well being a teen in this day and age. Seems like that is the menu for every party. I guess that I could go to Fry's and buy 4 lunchables and 4 Powerades on the "8" sale and call it dinner for a grand total of $3.88. I could. I probably won't though. What are you planning for dinner?

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