Friday, October 22, 2010


So, trying to get out the door this morning at 6:07 for Seminary when my daughter finally remembers that she needed a current event for a class at school today. She goes on the computer and of course, it's slow or freezing up or whatever. Murphy's Law, the computer never works when you really need it right now. She gets frustrated and says something in an agitated manner and I say something snarky about waiting until two minutes before we had to leave to do homework. All the while this is happening, I am bringing the newspaper into the house. She says something dramatically to the effect of, "Fine, I just won't do it, I just won't do it!" I say, "Go do it, I'll wait, it's fine." Then I ask, "I can come home and look it up while you're in Seminary, just tell me what you need." She replies, "No, I just won't do it, it's fine, let's go." Then, the old double "DUH" happens. I had just brought in the newspaper. THE NEWSPAPER. Remember those? So I grab the paper, grab some scissors, and viola, we're in business. Feeling stupid, but in business. She cuts out an article while I'm driving and she gets to Seminary in time. It wouldn't be fun I guess if we didn't have drama once in a while when getting ready for school/Seminary.

Other things going on around the house. The hubs has decided that he needs a new hobby and has taken up mini lathe turning of pens. You buy the "blanks" at the Rockler wood store or you can make your own blanks out of scrap wood. So far he has made a pen out of tulip wood, and one out of walnut. And the coolest material by far he's done, a pen out of a corn cob. Yes, you heard me right. You can buy the corn cob blanks at Rockler. They're treated with something to stabilize them so that they don't disintergrate when they are on the lathe. Also, you can buy acrilic blanks, or blanks with coffee beans, or spaghetti or wheat in them. When he gets the corn cob pen finished, I will post a picture. Blue corn cob Closer look at blue corn cob penYellow corn cob penCloser view of the yellow corn cob pen, but sorry, it's fuzzy. Tulip wood pen Walnut wood pen

Also my little dog is going blind in one eye. I feel like a dog nurse lately meeting scheduled medicine giving. I have pill dispensing and eye drop giving to a dog down to a science. I slip it underneath an animal cracker bit and she scarfs it down. The pills, I mean, not the eye drops. Cream cheese, chicken, peanut butter also work really well. Again for the pills, not the drops. I can just hear someone reading this saying, "No wonder she has an eye problem with all of that peanut butter in her eye." Ha.

On to putting the groceries away and then working on the budget menu.

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