Monday, November 15, 2010

Leftovers Post

I know, like the cart before the horse but this will allow you to buy what you need for the leftovers meals while you are buying for the Thanksgiving dinner. There were some great ideas in the USA Weekend magazine yesterday for ideas of what to do with leftovers.

Turkey soup, of course
Turkey pot pie, make up a bechamel sauce ahead of time, add your meat and vegetables to it, heat and put a baked round of puff pastry on top of it
Turkey sliders
Cranberry scones or muffins
Cranberry pancakes
Cranberry cream cheese for toast or sweet breads or bagels.
Pumpkin pie milkshakes. I'm not sure how I feel about this.

My own idea, to make up pie pastry ahead of time for your Thanksgiving pies will also work for the leftovers, in using the pie pastry for turkey pot pie. Just make up or buy extra crusts when you are planning on or making pies.

Turkey and dumplings
turkey/cranberry sandwich with a spread of cream cheese.

And if you cannot take another bite of Thanksgiving food, freeze it and it will taste so good in two weeks when you have a busy day of shopping and haven't planned dinner.

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