Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Egg rolls

Egg Rolls I made egg rolls last night for dinner out of the Pillsbury crescent rolls. They were lacking something, either they needed more garlic salt or some ginger or soy sauce, I don't know. I'm not gonna lie, they were a little weird. But in a, "I am so going to make them again" kind of way.
My daughter liked them. I liked them. I don't think the male folk in the family did. Here's what I did:

I sauteed off a bag of cabbage and carrot cole slaw in butter and olive oil, sprinkled with Lawry's garlic salt and added some sliced scallions and shallot. I would have used some bean sprouts but couldn't find any fresh in the grocery store. For one tube of crescent rolls, you will probably only need a half of a package of slaw. Less if you're using bean sprouts. When soft I then let the cabbage cool completely. On the second try at this, I put some uncooked sliced scallions on before bakingI unrolled the crescent rolls and separated them into the rectangle shape and pressed the other perforations together. I put some chopped cooked shrimp on the rectange, then the cooked cabbage and rolled them up lengthwise and sealed the edges and the ends with my fingers. I baked them according to the crescent roll baking instructions. Made a nice side to our basil Tilapia and ham fried rice.

When I make them next time I will season the shrimp, or whatever protein I use, and the cabbage more with salt or soy sauce or ginger. The crescent roll is so bland and thicker than a normal egg roll wrap that the flavor of the egg roll needs to come from within.

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