Thursday, March 17, 2011

Budget menu with what's on sale for the week of Mar. 16-Mar. 22

If you want to try the salmon recipe below, then Albertson's has Atlantic farm raised salmon for $6.99/lb. this week. I also want to post a recipe that I found for maple glazed salmon.

Total $79.48
If you use the $5 off of $25 purchase coupon that Fresh and Easy had in Wed. paper at Fry's, then it will be:

1-Oatmeal, juice
2-Oatmeal, juice
3-Cinnamon Toast
4-Eggs, bacon, toast
5-Oatmeal, Cantaloupe chunks
6-Oatmeal, juice
7-French toast, juice

1-Bologna sandwich, clementine, celery sticks
2-Tuna sandwich, grapes, crackers
3-Bologna sandwich, crackers, Capri Sun
4-Tuna sandwich, clementine, Capri Sun
5-Egg salad sandwich, apple, celery
6-Leftover Minestrone, grilled cheese sandwich
7-Macaroni and cheese

1-Minestrone soup
2-Fish sticks, roasted yam fries, vegetable
3-Hot dogs, Coke
4-Chicken with Philadelphia cooking creme sauce and pasta, green salad. Use some steamed asparagus chunks, sauteed mushrooms, red pepper dices and onion dices sauteed til soft if desired.
5-Fried Rice with cooked diced bacon, egg if desired, some green onion, leftover mushrooms or vegs, if desired. Egg rolls.
6-Salad with baked chicken slices or shreds, hard boiled eggs, tomato, cooked bacon if any is left, some steamed asparagus if any left.

Spinach, $1 ea
Yams, $1 lb., buy 3 lbs.

Chicken breasts, .88 lb., buy 3 lbs. at $2.64
Fresh green beans, buy 1/2 to full lb. at .99 lb.
Red or green grapes, .74 lb., buy 2 lbs.
Bumble Bee tuna, .49, buy 4
Bush's beans, .49, buy 2 I would only use one can of beans in the minestrone if I were in the mood to add beans, so adapt it for your family.
Tyson Bacon, 2.99
Green onions, .59 each
Yellow onions, .69 lb.
Milk, I've allowed $2.99/gallon, buy 2 gallons
red pepper, .79 ea
Mushrooms, .99 ea
Asparagus, $1.88 lb.

Fry's accepting competitor's coupons, use Fresh & Easy $5 off $25 purchase, found in Wed. paper
Buy 10 deal
1-Capri Suns juice, $1.49
2-Birdseye vegs, $1.49
3-Coke, .79
4-Coke, .79
5-Annies Mac&Cheese, .49
6-Annies Mac&Cheese
7-Van de Kamps fish, $2.99
8-Sunny D juice, .89
9-Sunny D juice
10-Ritz or wheat thins, $1.99
1-Del Monte tomatoes, .69
2-American Beauty pasta, .49 (make one shell pasta, the other a fettucini possibly)
3-American Beauty pasta
4-Kraft singles, $1.49
5-Country Crock spread, $1.29
6-Chungs egg rolls, $2.49
7-Philadelphia cooking creme, $1.99
8-Kraft Mayo, $2.49
9-Oscar Mayer bologna, $1.99
10-Oscar Mayer franks, $1.99

Cantaloupe, .99 ea
Kroger Value bread, .88, buy 4
Eggs, I've allowed $1.59, buy 2
Vegetable broth, .99/can, buy 2 cans
lettuce, I've allowed $1.50
Rice, I've allowed, $2.99
zucchini, I've allowed .99 for one
Hot dog buns, I've allowed $1.50
$39.35 with F&E coup

Clementines, 3# bag for $1.88
Apples, .77 lb., buy 2 lbs.
Roma tomatoes, .99 lb., buy 2 lbs.
bulk oats, .69 lb, buy 4 lbs.
celery, .99 ea

Items not on list:
pickle relish
olive or veg. oil
salad dressing
syrup or powdered sugar for french toast
spices and herbs
hot dog condiments
soy sauce

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