Thursday, March 24, 2011

Menu with what's on sale for the week of Mar. 23-Mar. 29

If you'd rather do chili dogs one night or one day for lunch, buy a can of Hormel chili at Albertson's for $1.25, a pack of buns at Fry's for .99 and a package of Bar S meat franks at Bashas for .99. Milk, milk, milk? Where is the cheap milk this week? As a result of not knowing, I don't have it listed on a grocery list. When I find out, I'll post. I'm assuming that this week most people have kids home on Spring Break, so lunch menus are not as portable this week. You can adapt to fit your family better. Bashas has some great "Day only" specials this week. To get the crusty bread for .98 that I have listed on one of the dinner menus, you will have to get it on Tuesday. Also not on the menu or grocery list, but Asparagus for .99 lb. on Sunday, limit 5 lbs. Not sure if Asparagus freezes well or if it goes to mush. I would guess it goes to mush. And fresh ground chuck, limit 2, for $1.99 lb. on Sat. And killer price for cake mix, Pillsbury cake mix, .59, limit 4 on Monday only. Dulcinea mini seedless watermelons, 2/$4 at Safeway. I had them originally on the menu but took it off b/c the total exceeded $80. Also ground turkey at Safeway, Jenni O ground turkey, Fri.-Mon., Buy One, get one free at $6.29 a package. So if you wanted to switch out the two packs of ground turkey for the 5 # of ground chuck, you could. You would have less meat for the turkey burgers on the lunch menu, but it's your call. You would be getting less quantity but you would be saving $3 or so. Fry's had Tilapia for $3.99 lb. I think that's a good price for Tilapia. Bashas has Smucker's grape jelly for $1.69. If the corn muffin Jiffy mix is also included in the sale at Bashas, you might want to add one of those for enchilada night, it's an option. Not sure why I can't single space the entries that I made this morning but the entries last night are single spaced, so sorry for the inconvenience and if this makes for an 8 page list. The grand total is....
Use a Fresh & Easy coupon at Fry's and the total is

1-Yogurt, muffins
2-Eggs, bacon, toast
3-cold cereal, hard boiled egg
4-Breakfast tacos
6-Bagels, cream cheese
7-Cold cereal

2-Ramen noodles, carrots
3-Pasta salad, Use green onion, lightly steamed broccoli and/or carrots, some tomato if you still have some, with olive oil and lemon juice, or use Kroger salad dressing, either Italian or ranch. strawberries
4-Bologna sandwich, crackers, apple
5-Bologna sandwich, orange
6-Pizza, carrots
7-Ramen noodles

1-Fish Tacos, cheese, sour cream, lettuce to accompany
2-Chicken, Rice A Roni, green salad
3-Grilled cheese sandwich, applesauce
4-Hamburger Stroganoff, see recipe under ground beef, either over noodles or mashed potatoes, canned veg.
5-Chicken Enchiladas, salad
6-Polish sausage or keilbasa with pan fried potatoes, some onion for flavor, canned veg., crusty bread
7-Mac & cheese, canned veg.

Ice cream

Grocery List:


Ground chuck, 5# or more, $1.99 lb., $9.95 for 5#

Chicken drumsticks or thighs, .88 lb., buy 4 lbs. at $3.52

Albertson's cheese, $1.99

Herdez tortillas, Buy one, get one free, I've allowed, $2.50, buy two packages

Hillshire Farm Polish sausage or Kielbasa, 2/$6, buy 1

Las Palmas enchilada sauce, 2/$4, buy 1

Albertsons sour cream, $1.29



Apples, .87 lb., buy 2 lbs. at $1.74

Strawberries, .97 ea

Bashas large eggs, .88, limit 2, buy 2

Food Club ice cream, $1.99

Bashas also has ground chuck for $1.99 lb. on Saturday ONLY, limit 2 packs.

Idaho potatoes, 5# bag, .97 ea.

Farmland Bacon, $2.99

Bar S Bologna, .99

Jiffy muffin mix, 2/$1, buy 1 at .50

Food Club canned vegetables, 2/$1, buy 3 cans

Food Club mac & cheese mix, 2/$1, buy 2

Maruchan Ramen noodles, .18, buy 4

Motts applesauce, 4/$5, buy 1

Lemons, 3/$1, buy one at .33 It's used in the hamburger stroganoff recipe

Basha's crusty bread, .98 on Tues. only



Buy ten deal

1-Tombstone Pizz, $2.49

2-Van de Camps fish, $2.99

3-Kraft Salad dressing, $1.49

4-Kraft American singles cheese, $1.49

5-American Beauty Pasta, .49 For pasta salad

6-American Beauty Pasta, .49For Hamburger Stroganoff night

7-Rice A Roni, .79

8-rice A Roni, .79

9-Dannon yogurt, $1.49

10-Ritz/wheat thins crackers, $1.99

Tomatoes on the vine, .99 lb.

General Mills cereal, $1.88

Kroger Bagels, .99

Kroger cream cheese, .99 This is a good price to get a few cream cheeses ahead. They last, unopened in the fridge for six months or longer. Great to have on hand for cheesecake pie if you need an easy company dessert.

Kroger Value bread, .88, buy 4, you may be able to get away with less this week

English cucumber, .99

Lettuce, I've allowed $2.00

Hamburger buns, .99

$25.86 Use the $5 off of a $25 purchase from Fresh & Easy's Wed. paper insert, and the total is $20.86


White mushrooms, .99

Fri.-Mon., oranges, .39 lb., buy 5 lbs. at $1.95

Broccoli, .99 lb.

Baby carrots, .99



Onions, .49 lb.

Green onions, .49 For the salads or garnish for the chicken enchiladas

Radishes, .49

Broccoli is also .99 lb. here so if you want to buy it here, go ahead


Items not on grocery list:



herbs and spices




olive oil

veg. oil

condiments for hamburgers

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