Friday, May 28, 2010

Memorial Day

I have not been a regular bloggie blogger lately. Neither have I been good about the one box/shelf/whatever a day dejunking challenge. The last two weeks have been crazy busy around here. My oldest graduated from High School. And I haven't cried yet. I've had misty eyes a few times but I'm waiting for Niagra Falls to hit me sometime soon. I'll let you know when it does.

So I'm up early, early for the second day of no school, the house is quiet and I'm thinking, "What are we going to have to eat for Memorial Day?" With me, it always comes down to food. We usually have potato salad, BBQ baked beans, chips and some kind of MEAT grilled on the BBQ. But I'm not going to make potato salad this time because I made it a week ago because I had wax potatoes that I needed to use up and that was the week we were crazy busy and it was nice to have salad in the fridge when someone thought that they needed to eat because it was mealtime but I hadn't been home to fix anything. So, my point is, that everyone is all potato salad-ed out.

Here are my thoughts so far on food for Memorial Day. It is subject to change at any moment though.

Hamburgers with buns
onions, tomatoes, lettuce, condiments
Maybe some brats and buns, sounds really good to me right now, maybe I'll get really crazy and buy some sauerkraut to go with it.
BBQ baked beans
Orzo salad
Potato chips
Ice cream sandwiches or some kind of ice cream on a stick or maybe homemade ice cream cookie sandwiches

What do you do for Memorial Day?


  1. We're sponsoring a neighborhood 1 mile fun run/walk. And then we're having a bring your own meat BBQ afterward. We're providing watermelon, chips, drinks, and popscicles for the crowd. We may have 20 people or 80...wish us luck!