Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Weeks 18 and 19

Weeks number eighteen and nineteen. If you're just tuning in, weeks number eighteen and nineteen of the drawer/shelf/cabinet/box a day dejunking challenge. I've been sorting out pictures, going through piles and piles of momentos and tickets, school concert programs, swim ribbons, Musical ensemble festival ribbons, field day ribbons, photos, school papers, Mother's and Father's day cards, I Love You notes, etc. Have been dooing that last week and this week. My hope is to get the new, improved and more organized piles into manageable order so that each night I can mount photos and put them into albums. I also decided to buy some baseball card holders at Target yesterday to hold the Relief Society membership cards that I wrote about in week number 17. I got them home and kept them in the package and measured out the cards against the holders. Some would have fit in perfectly, other were too big. So I am going to take the baseball card holders back unless I want to put school pictures in them. Thanks to my friend LW who is a scrapbook extraordinare and all around good egg, who suggested that I sew my own pockets in a scrapbook clear page protector to the sizes that I want. I just haven't figured out yet how I would make the openings into them so that I can remove them if I would want to. Maybe I don't need an opening. It will be clear and I can see both sides, so maybe I don't need an opening. Maybe if before sewing I made a tiny cut in the area of a pocket with an exacto knife and a piece of cardboard in the middle to protect the other side of the page. Then sew, then finish cutting out the slot with a pair of sharp small scissors? I also have some piles of unfiled papers and bills that I am needing to work on as well as the current paper clutter and bills. Paper clutter just never quits in my house. It NEVER takes a vacation. I am feeling good about what has been accomplished so far. If you came to my house right now you might not feel the same way, but believe me, I am making progress. Now to quit writing about it and to get to it!

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