Thursday, May 13, 2010

I think that I have it figured out

About the tailor made card holders, that is. If you thought that the title was some great new revelation about life, then, I apologize. I'm not that smart as to have it all figured out yet. Maybe next week. So for the page protector...Cut up cardboard or a cereal box in the size of the cards or how big I want the pockets to be. Then arrange the templates in the bottom part of the page protector and sew to fit. Possibly with a zipper foot if the cardboard is too bulky, so there may be a need to mark the plastic with a pen and a ruler as a guide to sew. Then with an exacto knife cut out the opening, being sure to cut on the card so that only one piece of plastic is cut and pull out the card. Viola'. Then repeat the process on the next level of the page or do all at once so that the vertical sewing can be done all at once. I haven't tried it yet. Don't know if the plastic will mess up my machine. Does anyone know?

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  1. Go to ali edwards blog (i think it's and search on her blog for stitching page protectors and she has a video. She does it ALL the time. i don't think it can harm the machine but if you are worried, you are welcome to use mine-it only sews on paper anyway.