Friday, June 24, 2011

Menu with what's on sale for the week of June 22-June 28

Really great prices on some fruits and vegetables this week. I didn't notice any ads for milk except at Albertson's and it wasn't all that great so unless I get out to the store(s) soon and get a price for you, the milk price is just a guesstimate. If you want to add ice cream to the list, Albertson's has Polar Treats Ice Cream or Sherbet for $1.99. Also, if you didn't want to have baked potatoes with leftover taco soup over them one night, add a Kielbasa at Fry's for $3 and have fried potatoes with sausage or Kielbasa chunks or coins. A little bit of onion added to that....mmmmmmm, mmmmm good. I had blueberries on the list originally to have fresh blueberry pancakes but had to cut costs somewhere. I think that Food Club pancake mix might come with a blueberry pancake mix option but if you want the fresh berries, the best price for blueberris this week was at Bashas' for $1.87. If you want to add gelatin to a meal or pudding for a dessert, Albertson's had Jell-O brand for 4/$5 this week. I don't like Tuna casserole but if you do, then this week would be a good week to have it when both pasta and tuna are on sale at Bashas' for .50. Food Club potato chips are also a great price at Bashas' this week at $1.69 but I had to drop them to keep costs down. Bush's Grillin Beans, 3/$5 if you wanted another accompaniament to the Hamburger meal.


2-Cold cereal/milk, bananas
3-French toast
4-Cold cereal/milk
5-Pancakes, juice
6-Cold cereal/milk, juice
7-Cold cereal/milk

1-Tuna sandwich, peach, peanut butter cookies
2-PB&J sandwich, cantaloupe chunks
3-Tuna sandwich, apple
4-Lunchmeat sandwich, orange
5-PB&J sandwich, Plum
6-Tuna sandwich, cucumber slices
7-Macaroni and cheese

1-Pizza, salad, soda
2-Baked chicken breast with a slice of ham and some grated cheese broiled on top, leftover salad, mashed potatoes with butter, vegetable
3-Spaghetti and meatballs, vegetable
4-Chicken stir fry with onions, peppers, zucchini and leftover vegetables if desired
5-Taco soup with tortilla chips, sour cream, cheese as toppings. See recipe under soup
6-Hamburgers with buns, sliced tomatoes, condiments, potato salad, cantaloupe chunks
7-Baked potatoes with leftover taco soup over them

Homemade peanut butter cookies
Peach/Raspberry crisp

Albertson's cereal with coup from ad, .99, buy 3 at $2.97
Albertson's peanut butter with coupon from ad, .99, limit two, buy 1
Doritos Tortilla chips, $1.88 each, with coup from ad, limit 2, buy 1
Albertson's Macaroni and Cheese, .39 ea with coup from ad, limit 4, buy 2
Albertson's hamburger buns, .77 ea
Chicken breast, $1.67 lb., buy 3 lbs. at $5.01
Albertson's sour cream, 4/$5
Russet Potatoes, 10# bag, $3.99

Ground round, $1.87 lb. in value pack, assuming it's 5 lbs. it will be $9.35
Food Club canned vegetables, 2/$1, buy 3 at $1.50. One needs to be corn for the Taco soup, the other two can be your choice to accompany other meals
Food Club tomatoes, 2/$1, buy 2
Food Club pasta, 2/$1, buy 1
chicken of the Sea tuna, 2/$1, buy 4 cans
Fiesta soda, .69
Food Club Pancake mix, $1.99
Food Club syrup, $1.99
Hunt's pasta sauce, .99
Bush's beans, .69 I like black beans in the Taco soup but it's up to you
Red Baron Pizza, 3/$10, buy 1
Old Orchard frozen concentrate juice, 3/$5, buy 1
Romaine, .97
Bananas, .47 lb, buy 2 lbs. at .94

Raspberries, .98 ea
Kroger cheese, 2/$3, buy 1
Kroger butter, 2/$5, buy 1
land O'Frost lunch meat, 2/$5, make it ham if you want to top the chicken breast meal with ham and cheese.
Kroger Value Bread, .88, buy 4
Eggs, I've allowed for $1.69, 1 doz
Milk, I've allowed for $2.50, buy 2 at $5
Taco seasoning, I've allowed for .99, buy 1
Tomato sauce, 8 oz. cans, I've allowed for .50 ea, buy 2 at $1

Peaches, .49 lb, buy 5 lbs. at $2.45
Roma tomatoes, .49, buy 2 lbs.
Red Bell Peppers, .49 ea
Cucumbers, .49 ea, buy 2
Onions, .49 lb.
Cantaloupe, .77 ea
Celery, .77 ea
Zucchini, .77 lb., buy 2 lbs.
Oranges, .77 lb., buy 2 lbs.
Fuji apples, .99 lb., buy 3 lbs. at $2.97
Plums, .88 lb., buy 2 lbs. at $1.76

Items not on list:
brown sugar
spices/dried herbs
salt and pepper
leavenings, such as baking powder, baking soda, yeast, etc.
condiments for the hamburgers, such as ketchup, mustard, relish
salad dressings
oil or olive oil
bread crumbs, make them from the Kroger Value bread
ice cream if you want it over your warm peach raspberry crisp, yum

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