Thursday, June 30, 2011

Menu with what's on sale for the week of June 29-July 5

Lots of bang for your buck this week. And I didn't mean that to be a play on words for Fourth of July weekend. Just a happy coincidence. If I had to tell you only one store to go to this week, I couldn't because both Bashas' and Fry's are offering some killer deals this week. Plums are on sale if you like plums, for 77 lb. at Fry's. Hebrew national beef franks at Fry's for $1.99, Bush's grillin beans for $1.67 at Fry's, Kroger Value sugar for $1.99 if you're planning on baking cookies at Fry's as well. Cool whip topping at Albertson's for .75 and Kraft Mayonnaise for $2.99 at Albertson's and Loin back ribs for buy 1, get 2 free which usually run $5.99 lb. So in terms of "racks", i don't know what all of that means, the ribs are at Albertson's, by the way. If you wanted to do BBQ ribs on the leftover night, you totally could. When I find out how much the 3 packs of ribs will run you, I will let you know. Bashas' bottles of water cases are on sale for $1.99 this week on Fri., Sat., Sun. and Mon. only. If your mornings are rushed and crazy, you might want to make the muffins the night before while making dinner and then put them away so that no one eats them before breakfast. You could do the same for the egg biscuits. Either make the eggs and biscuits and put them away separately to reheat and assemble in the morning or assemble the night before and reheat briefly in the microwave in the morning. Or you could make the biscuits the night before, then make the eggs in the microwave that morning. I put one egg in a microwave safe cereal bowl, then microwave for 30 secs., put in for a tinch longer if needed, then put it on the muffin or biscuit. It comes out like a little omelett if you don't scramble it.


1-Egg/cheese biscuit, Tang
2-Cold cereal, milk, Tang
3-Muffins, Tang
4-Cold cereal, milk, bananas, Tang
5-Egg/cheese biscuit
6-Cold cereal, milk

1-Chef Boy R Dee Ravioli or pasta, orange
2-Bologna sandwich, watermelon wedge
3-Bologna sandwich, strawberries, Country Time Lemonade
4-Chicken sandwich from leftover chicken, watermelon wedge
5-Bologna sandwich, Potato chips, peach
6-Pasta Salad, mango chunks, Country Time Lemonade
7-Hamburgers, buns, Fritos or cheetos, orange

1-Hamburgers, buns, Potato chips, dip made from sour cream and garlic salt and a little dehydrated onion or chives if you have it, add a little water if you want it creamier. Or use ranch dressing. Pasta salad, Country Time Lemonade
2-Vegetable Lasagna, made with Ragu Alfredo sauce, boiled lasagna noodles, sauteed mushrooms, steamed broccoli or zucchini, cheese on top.
3-Hot dogs, buns, Pork and Beans or baked beans, Country Time Lemonade
4-BBQ chicken tenders or boneless/skinless breasts, Green salad, corn on the cob, Country Time Lemonade
5-Pizza, jello, soda
6-Taco salad with sour cream and salsa, taco seasoned ground beef and grated cheese

Ice Cream

Jello gelatin, .75
Bologna, 10/$10, buy 2
Albertson's milk, $1.79, buy 2, limit 2 at $3.58
Van Cmps beans, 2/$1, buy 1

Ground beef, $1.87 lb., with 5# or more purchase, 5# for $9.35 on Fri., Sat., Sun., and Mon. only
Lay's Potato Chips, $1.77, Fri., Sat., Sun. and Mon. only
Dreyers ice cream, 2/$5, buy 1, Fri., Sat., Sun., and Mon. only
Sweet corn, .19 ea, buy 4 at .76
Whole seedless watermelon, .15 lb., buy 10# at $1.50
Bananas, .47 lb., buy 3 lbs.
Betty Crocker Brownie mix, 2/$3.00, buy 1
Romaine, .99
Eggs, I've allowed for $1.39 a dozen, buy 2 doz.
Food Club Lasagna noodles, $1.99
Bashas' Hot dog buns, 4/$5, buy 1 at $1.25
Bashas' Hamburger buns, 4/$5, buy 2
Bashas' sour cream, $1.88
Food Club salsa, $1.99

Buy 10 deal
1-Ragu alfredo sauce, $1.28
2-Fritos or Cheetos, $1.69
3-Ceneral Mills cereal, $2.19
4-General Mills cereal, $2.19
5-General Mills cereal, $2.19
6-Pillsbury Grands, .99
7-Pillsbury Grands, .99
8-Betty Crocker brownie mix, $1.69
9-Betty crocker muffin mix, $1.69
10-Betty Crocker muffin mix, $1.69
1-Country Crock margerine, $2.39
2-Kraft BBQ sauce, .69
3-Kool-Aid, Country Time lemonade , .99
4-Tang, .99
5-Chef Boy R dee ravioli, .69
6-Chef Boy R Dee ravioli, .69
7-Oscar Mayer weiners, $1.49
8-Totinos Pizza, .99
9-Totinos Pizza, .99
10-Totinos Pizza, .99

Strawberries, .77
Mangoes, 3/$1, buy 3
Roma tomatoes, .77 lb.
Peaches, .77 lb., buy 2 lbs.
Coke, .89
Kroger salad dressing, .99
Kroger cheese, 2/$3, buy 2
Kroger Value boneless/skinless chicken breasts/tenderloins, $1.67 lb, buy 3 lbs.
Suddenly Salad, 2/$3, buy 2
Cucumbers, 2/$1, buy 1
White mushrooms, 2/$3
navel oranges, 4# bag, 2/$5, buy 1
Bread, .88, buy 3
Broccoli or zucchini for the vegetable lasagna, I've allowed for $2.00 lb, buy 1 lb.
Taco seasoning, I've allowed for .99

Items not listed:
herbs and spices
salt and pepper

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