Friday, October 2, 2009

Menu with what's on sale Sept. 30- Oct. 6

We've have been hot for so long here in Arizona that now that it's cooling off it is glorious. And by cooling off I mean down to the chilly mid 90's. But we'll take it. So if you are somewhere other than "here" and have felt that my menus haven't reflected the crisp coolness of fall, you're right. I'm still of the mindset that a cold salad is what I want for dinner some nights. Or light, like just a sandwich or wrap or quesadilla. Not too creative a menu for you this week. If you're in need of other ideas, the side bar holds lots of blogs and sites that offer menu ideas.


1-Pancakes, syrup, apple juice
3-Cold cereal, milk
6-Cold cereal, milk

1-PB&J sandwich, orange segments, granola bar
2-Bologna sandwich, grapes, granola bar
3-PB&J sandwich, apple, pretzels
4-Bologna sandwich, grapes, pretzels
5-PB&J sandwich, pretzels, cake
6-Canned pasta
7-Chicken noodle soup

1-Hamburger Stroganoff over egg noodles, steamed carrots

2-Progresso soup, french bread

3-Grilled Chicken kebob Salad see Scroll down and click onto Grilled Chicken Kebob Salad for a quick video. If it were me, I would probably partially cook the sausages first before grilling them. If you don't use all of the sausages or have leftovers, put them in the Spaghetti sauce for idea #4 if you wish.

4-Spaghetti, sauce and garlic toast

5-Fish sticks, yams, steamed broccoli. Cake for dessert

6-Grilled cheese sandwich, tomato soup, carrot sticks

7-Pizza, leftover vegetables

Grocery List:
Bar S bologna, $1.67
Red Baron Pizza, $2.99
Romaine, $1.00
Carrots, 2 lbs. for $1
French bread, .79 with coupon in Wed. ad, limit 2, buy 2

I received a coupon booklet in the mail that is pink and has Shocker coupons in it. Some great deals.

Red seedless grapes, .77 lb, buy 2 lbs.
Broccoli or Cauliflower, .69 lb.
Challenge butter, .88 for 8 oz., free with coupon (go to the couponsense blog to print two off, side bar. Go to for another. Check out for other coupons and deals)
Progresso Classics soup, .99, buy 3
Campbell's pasta, .49, buy 3
Daisy sour cream, .99
Bashas milk, $1.99, buy 2
mushrooms, $1.49
Eggs, I've allowed, $1.39
Kraft singles, $1.48 with coupon from the Shocker coupon book
Quaker buy 5 promo with coupon in Wed. ad for $3 off
1-Quaker Oats, $1.99
2-Aunt Jemima Pancake mix, $1.99
3-Aunt Jemima syrup, $1.99
4-Quaker cereal, $1.99
5-Quaker granola bars, $1.99

Lean ground beef, $1.67 lb., buy 2 lb. chub for $3.34
Betty Crocker cake mix, .77
Navel oranges, .77 lb, buy 2 lbs. at $1.54
Campbell's chicken noodle and tomato soup, buy 4, 2 of each. Look for a coupon for this
Gorton's fish sticks, $2.99 (there are 18, you may need another package?)
Kroger Value apple juice cocktail, $1.29
Kroger Value bread, .88, buy 4
Kroger Value or Fry's spaghetti, .88
Kroger Value spaghetti sauce, $1.15
Egg noodles, I'ved allowed $2.00
Kroger Value peanut butter, $1.29
Fry's pretzels, I'ved allowed for $1.30
Betty Crocker frosting, 2/$3, buy 1
Kroger dinner sausage, $3.50
Jelly, I'ved allowed for $2.50

Yams, .88 lb, buy 3 lbs. at $2.64
Gala apples, .88 lb., buy 3 lbs. at $2.64

Other great deals this week:
Kroger Value corn flakes, .99-Fry's
Kroger Value Potatoes, 10 lb. bag, $2.97-Fry's
Pork Loin, $1.57 lb.-Albertson's
Farmland sausage, $1-Albertson's
Carolina smoked turkey or turkey pastrami, $3.99 lb.
Kraft single, $1.67
Asparagus, 4lb./$5-sprouts
Navel oranges, .88 lb.-Sprouts
BC 80 calorie potatoes, .99-Bashas
BC Hamburger Helper, .99-Bahsas
Sargento shredded cheese, $1.88-Bashas
Food Club lunch meat, $2.99-Bashas
Campbells Pork n Beans, 3/$1-Bashas
Campbell's soup, 10/$10-Bashas

Items I don't have on the grocery list:
bay leaves
Parmesan cheese
lemon juice

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  1. wish we were drinking hot chocolate. Ha, the weather is trying to convince us it is fall!