Friday, October 16, 2009

Menu with what's on sale for the week of Oct. 14-Oct. 20

I made and canned applesauce on Wednesday. I now have a greater appreciation for how many apples go into a jar of applesauce and why the stores charge what they do for applesauce. I peeled and peeled and peeled a boatload (maybe 16 or 17 lbs.) of apples on Wednesday and ended up with 7 pints of finished product. 7 PINTS! Of course, the two teenagers coming in and eating applesauce before I canned it didn't help but that's why I'm making it anyway. I used the little gala apples from Fry's sale last week, so that may have been why I had to peel so many per jar. Funny how when you feel you're preparing enough for 5 months of applesauce eating and then you find out it's 7 pints. My next canning projects are more applesauce, sliced apples for baking, and mincemeat pie filling. And maybe some beef chunks this week. Is it healthy to be this obsessed with canning? I feel like I'm having my own Julie Powell (Julia project)experience as I'm working my way through the Ball Blue Book guide to preserving.

Bashas Pasta meal deal is a good one this week. What I did menu wise was take the ground beef and use it for a meat loaf and then do the spaghetti vegetarian with the salad and bread. You buy the ground beef and use coupons found in Wednesday's ad for free salad, free baguette, free pasta and free sauce. Any leftover ground beef not used in the meatloaf can be used in the spaghetti sauce or the quesadillas on meal idea #5. I had originally wanted to put down a Broccoli cheese soup and corn muffins for meal idea #5 but it wasn't as cost effective. See Jane Maynard's blog "This week for dinner" to check it out. Broccoli and Cheese Soup It sure looks good.

And as always, you can make this more inexpensive by taking off some fruit or juices. Or take off the tortilla chips. Also, if you use coupons you can get four Campbell's Chunky soups for $3.00 instead of three.

Some of the deals for Safeway will need to be gotten on Saturday or Sunday.

Here we go:


1-Oatmeal, strawberries
2-Oatmeal, juice
3-Corn griddle cakes, recipe on Jiffy corn muffin mix
4-Oatmeal, juice
5-Oatmeal, pear slices
6-Oatmeal, juice
7-Eggs, toast, juice

1-PB&J sandwich, pudding cup, Capri Sun drink
2-PB&J sandwich, orange, brownie
3-Meatloaf sandwich, apple, Capri Sun drink
4-PB&J sandwich, cookie, apple, Capri Sun drink
5-Chicken salad sandwich, pudding cup, Capri Sun drink
6-Chunky Soup, Pop
7-Mac & Cheese, Pop

1-Meat loaf, mashed or baked potatoes, canned vegetable

2-Baked or fried chicken, zucchini/mushroom/onion saute, Rice A Roni. Bake both chickens, use one for dinner. Take the meat off of the other one and stash in the freezer for dinner idea #7. Might have enough for two dinners out of the extra chicken.

3-Spaghetti/sauce, salad, Baguette

4-Potato sausage cheese Frittata or Sausage cheese Frittata, sliced tomatoes, steamed asparagus, corn muffins. See for Potato sausage cheese Frittata or for Sausage cheese Frittata.

5-Guacamole and tortilla chips, Cheese Quesadillas (can add any leftover ground beef or chicken to it), steamed broccoli seasoned with butter and garlic salt.


7-Chicken Pot Pie, canned peaches. See Ina Garten's recipe

If you want to use the pie crust recipe that I use, see the side under recipes for a previous post for pie crust.

Dessert Ideas:

Peanut butter cookies

Apple crisp, if you buy more apples

Grocery List:


Sargento shredded cheese, 5/$5, buy 3

Broccoli crowns, 5/$5, buy 2 lbs.

Pears, 5 lbs./$5, buy 1 lb.


Pasta Meal Deal

Ground beef, buy 3 lb. package for $7.99 (73%)

Use coupon, get free baguette

Use coupon, get free Dole salad

Use coupon, get free Food Club pasta

Use coupon, get free Fool Club pasta sauce

Slicing tomatoes, .69

Russet potatoes, .69 for a 5 lb. bag


Rice A Roni, .88, buy one

Campbell's Chunky Soup, .99, buy 3, four if you have a coupon

Fry's canned peaches or fruit cocktail, .83, buy one

Fry's canned vegetables, .50, buy one

Fry's chicken broth, .49, buy 2 for $1.47

Jiffy corn Muffin mix, .39, buy 2

Kroger Peanut butter, .99

Fry's flour, $1.57

Kroger Value, jelly, allow for $1.47

Whole frying chicken, .49 lb., buy two at aprox. $1.47 each, for $2.94

White mushrooms, $1

Hunt's snack pack pudding, .88, buy 2

Fry's lg. eggs, 18 count, $1.98

Kroger Value bread, .88, buy 3

Carrots, allowed for $1.00

Flour tortillas, allowed for $2.99


Apples, .77 lb., buy 2 lbs.

Zucchini or yellow squash, .99 lb.

Yellow onions, 2 lbs./$1, buy 2 lbs.

Oats, quick, rolled or steel cut, 2 lbs./$1, buy 4 lbs.

Hass Avocados, 3/$1, buy 3


Saturday and Sunday Sale

Kraft Mac & Cheese, 3/$1, buy 2

Safeway soda pop, 3/$1, buy 2

Doritos brand regular corn tortilla chips, $1.49

Regular Safeway sales

Asparagus, .99 lb.

Banquet sausage, .99, buy 1

Betty Crocker traditional brownie mix, .79

Lucerne milk, $1.37, buy 2 (some people think that Lucerne brand milk tastes different, if you don't care for it Fry's has milk for $2.19/gallon)

Navel oranges, .99 lb., buy 2 lbs.

Buy 5 Deal

1-Capri Sun Drinks, $1.49

2-Capri Sun Drinks, $1.49

3-Juicy Juice, $1.49

4-Mott's apple juice, .88

5-Mott's apple juice, .88

Other great deals:

Green bell pepper, .49 each-Bashas

Oscar Mayer deli shaved lunch meat, 2/$5-Safeway

Lettuce, .99 each-Safeway

Cheerios, $1.67-Safeway

Roma tomatoes, .99 lb.-Sprouts

Green Bell peppers, 2/$1-sprouts

Ground beef, 93%, $1.67 lb.-Albertsons

Fresh green cabbage, 3 lbs., .99-Albertsons

Fry's Mac & Cheese, .44 each-Fry's

Fry's canned beans, 59-Fry's

Fry's veg. oil, $1.99-Fry's

Assorted fall squash, $1 lb.-Fry's

Fry's milk, $2.19-Fry's

Items not on grocery list:



brown sugar


garlic salt

salsa or taco sauce



lemon juice


  1. i have an apple peeler, corer, slicer you could borrow, if you'd like. Makes the prep work go much faster. The kids may even help. :)