Tuesday, March 2, 2010


The question mark as the title is because I don't know what to title it, don't know what I'm feeling, have so much to do this morning but for some reason feel compelled to blog. Blah. My mind is racing.

My husband lost his phone this morning, couldn't find it anywhere as he was getting ready for work. I finally tracked it down, it was in the car of a friend of his, they had gone to the hospital last night to give someone a priesthood blessing (more LDS speak) and anyway, I have it now. But I can't call the husband to tell him I have it and I don't know which deli he's at right now. And I've also added to my job description "GPS". He doesn't abuse it but last week he called me to help him find his way to a catering via mapquest. And again this morning. I actually find it quite amusing. What did we do without mapquest?

My husband is also starting a new church calling this week. Sigh. Sorry, more LDS lingo. We are a church with a lay clergy so everyone does something in the church to keep it running. We call those jobs, "callings". And I started a new calling about a month ago. Whenever we have changes like this to our family, I become reflective about where we are, where we should be and what we can improve on in our spirituality and our family life. There's so much room for improvement on my end! So much room.

Well, I am going to go clean the gross bathrooms, then go through the dresser in my room and my medicine cabinets to get back on track for the drawer a day challenge. I may even make a run to Goodwill today. I have got to get back in the swing of it. It makes me feel so much better about myself and my house.

For my menu a day challenge for my Food Storage project, I came up with some ideas last week. Now what have I done with that paper? Can't find it. Here is what I remember and what I have so far:

Dinner ideas:
Beef stew and drop biscuits
Shepherd's Pie
Potato soup
Spaghetti or penne and sauce
Chicken enchilada casserole
Green pork enchiladas
Taco soup
Tacos or burritos
Beans with ham
Pork and stuffing
Beef and gravy over mashed potatoes
Tuna sandwiches

Breakfast ideas:
Oatmeal or steel cut oats with maple flavored syup
Pancakes, syrup
cold cereal
toast and jam
PB&J sandwich

Keep in mind, worst case scenario, everything will need to be made in a solar oven. Which I don't have yet, but want to get.

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