Thursday, March 25, 2010

Weeks 11 & 12

Weeks eleven and twelve of the box/cabinet/shelf/drawer a day challenge. Not much to report for week numero 11. It was enough to do laundry and dishes and meals that week. Do you ever have those kinds of weeks? I know you must. So this week, week twelve...seems like I've been moving and rearranging piles. Ugh. Do you ever just move piles from point A to point B, only to then move them from point B to point C and sometimes to points D, E, F and G? Or am I the only one who needs help and/or a serious 12 step program for this clutter problem? I do have a plan of attack today, so that is good. I plan to clean and straighten an easy drawer in the kitchen, clean off my kitchen table so my husband will come home and say, "Holy cow, when did we get that table?" (it never gets old, the joke I mean, not the table) and then empty out a cabinet and put the contents in a pile for the Spring cleaning/exchange day our ward is having next month for the ward activity. It's going to be like a giant yard sale only just exhanges will be made, no money will pass hands. Then what's left will be open for the Spanish Branch to come look at and take what they need. My daughter says, "Mom it just doesn't make sense to me to "spring clean" and then exchange junk with someone." She may be right. But the final outcome, letting the Spanish Branch members come and take what they NEED, will be the positive.

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