Sunday, March 28, 2010

What do you do for Easter?

So. I am up and blogging when I'd rather be sleeping. So of course, being up got me thinking about Easter next week. I was thinking if I had any killer recipes to post and I was vaguely thinking about the menu. Vaguely. We usually have ham and some kind of funeral potato to go with it. And the daughter will make some kind of green cool whip marshmallow pineapple salad thing. We usually have the ever popular cheesecake pie with Strawberry freezer jam for a topping for dessert. I feel like shaking things up a bit though. What do you have or do for Easter? I'd love to know. Post in comments.


  1. Ok this is pretty funny. Every birthday, Christmas, Thanksgiving, and yes even Easter we have Easter dinner. It is everyone's favorite. Easter dinner consists of ham, Jeff's baked mac and cheese, Jeff's potato Salad, deviled eggs, and a roll. Hmmm? Maybe I like it so much because Jeff cooks it. And isn't there some story about Krissy and Jeff's cooking. Oh wait maybe that was French toast. Hee Hee.

  2. How about going all out and cooking up a rabbit for Easter? That would shake things up, huh? I know from my youth that it tastes like chicken...