Friday, March 5, 2010

Week 9

I know, you are all waiting anxiously for my weekly drawer a day challenge update. Ha. It's gone well this week, nothing spectacular, but the slow and steady approach, and there's nothing wrong with that. I organized DVD's and dusted out one side of the entertainment center yesterday while watching "Cash Cab". Anything to keep my attention span for dusting. I love that show. The day before that I did about 3, I think it was, drawers to my dresser. The contents are still on a chair to discard or clean. I still need to continue to file about 10 things each day and work on the pictures. I was perusing around on "DIRTy little secrets" the other day, see my favorite blogs section, and she said how one of her friends said, "I never knew your house was so dirty." I think we all have sections of the house that go unattended or some of us are collectors and don't see our house as dirty or cluttered, just filled with the things we love or need. Or think we need. It's easy to let it get out of hand though and gradually we become accustomed to it. She also said on her blog that sometimes it's about taking two steps forwards and one step backwards. I totally get that analogy. Hence, I can justify the contents of the 3 drawers on the living room chair. Which, by the way, I WILL, take care of today. Along with the dryer load of clean towels on the other chair. Ha. It's all about feeling good about the little victories. The little victories and changing bad habits to become more organized in every day living. Remember that the woman who just wrote that found her daughter's four year High School plan this past week tucked away in a magazine in the basket of magazines. I had been taking the house apart looking for that thing which I was certain I had file due to past experience with four year High School plans and kid #1. And, of course, I found it the day AFTER she needed it to fill out her schedule for next year(it all worked out fine, if you're wondering, they are letting her come back next year despite her idiot mother). It's never too late to alter the course of your life. One bad habit, one drawer or one magazine at a time.

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