Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Menu with what's on sale for the week of July 13-July 19


1-Cold cereal, milk, Sunny D punch
2-Cinnamon rolls, juice
3-French toast, peaches
4-Cold cereal, milk, juice
5-Cold cereal, milk, juice
6-Eggs, toast, juice
7-Cold cereal, milk

1-Tuna sandwich, carrots, cherries
3-Meat loaf sandwich, watermelon wedge
4-Pasta salad, strawberries
5-Lunch meat sandwich, watermelon wedge
6-Egg salad sandwich, banana
7-Mac & cheese, peaches

1-Chicken Stir fry, Rice A Roni fried rice
2-Meat Loaf, Mac & Cheese, steamed broccoli
3-Bacon, Lettuce and tomato sandwiches
4-Chicken, Rice A Roni, zucchini
5-Hamburgers on buns, potato salad
6-Cobb salad with leftover chicken and leftover bacon crumbles
7-Chicken spaghetti, french bread, salad (use Paula Deen's recipe for 3 meat pasta and just use chicken in it)

Dessert or Breakfast
Lemon Pull Aparts, see

Reser's potato salad, .99 lb.
French bread, .99
Boneless, skinless chicken breasts, $1.67 lb., buy 4 lbs. at $6.68
Albertson's sour cream, $1
Albertson's pasta, $1
Cinnamon rolls, $1
Malt O Meal cereal, $1, buy 3
Flav R Pac veg stir fry, $1
Old Orchard frozen juice, $1
Albertsons cottage cheese, $1.79
Broccoli, $1 lb.
Zucchini, $1 lb.

Ground chuck, $1.89 lb., Fri, Sta and Sun. only, aprox. $8
Calif. yellow peaches, .69 lb, buy 4 lbs. at $2.76
Red or green bell pepper, 3/$1, buy 1
Tomatoes, .77 lb, Fri, Sat. and Sun. only
Bashas' large eggs, .99, limit 2
Food Club cheese, 3/$5, $1.67
Food Club mac & cheese, 2/$1, buy 3
Chicken of the Sea tuna, 2/$1, buy 1
Better Crocker Suddenly Salad, 2/$3, buy 1
Icebery, .99
Bananas, .55 lb., buy 2
Cucmbers, 2/$1, buy 1
Milk, I've allowed for $2.50, buy 2

NW cherries, $1.29 lb., buy 2 lbs.
Mini carrots, .88
Green onions, 2/$1, buy 1
radishes, 2/$1, buy 1
Romaine, .96 ea
Walla Walla sweet onions, .96 lb.
Mini watermelon, 2/$5
lemons, 3/$1(only buy lemons if you intend on making the Lemon Pull Aparts
Strawberries, $1.98 ea
Bar S bacon or Oscar Mayer turkey bacon, $2.99
Kroger Value bread, .88, buy 4, evaluate if a 5th loaf is needed
Hamburger buns, I've allowed for $1.50

Buy 10 deal
1-Sunny D, .99
2-Rice A Roni, oriental flavor, .56
3-Rice A Roni, oriental flavor, .56
4-Rice A Roni, any flavor, .56
5-Rice A Roni, any flavor, .56
6-Rice A Roni, any flavor, .56
7-Kraft salad dressing, $1.49
8-Tombstone pizza, $2.79
9-Kraft Mayonnaise, $2.49
10-Oscar Mayer lunch meat, $2.49

Items not on grocery list:
salt and pepper
condiments for hamburgers
bullion cubes

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