Friday, July 22, 2011

Menu with what's on sale for the week of July 20-July 26

Got Sonny boy on that plane on Wednesday. Seems quiet without him here. Went over $80 again this week but you could totally get it down under that if you omitted the cherries this week. But I love the cherries this time of year, so I wouldn't if it were me. I bought some tasty Rainier cherries at Fry's yesterday and ate a whole pound by myself. Love those things.


1-Cold cereal, milk, Sunny Delite
2-Egg muffin
3-Oatmeal, grapefruit half
4-Cold cereal, milk, Sunny D
5-French toast, bacon
6-Toast, Sunny D

1-Bologna sandwich, apple
2-Grilled cheese sandwich, Pringles
3-Tuna sandwich, blueberries/strawberries
4-Bologna sandwich, peach
5-Leftover fried chicken, Pringles, Pudding
6-Tomato or chicken noodle soup, cherries
7-Mac & Cheese

1-Pork chops, mango salsa (mangoes, diced, onions, cilantro), canned veg.
2-Seafood salad and crackers, green salad
3-Fried chicken thighs, french fries, canned veg.
4-Taco soup with grated cheese, sour cream and french bread (make the soup vegetarian or have the butcher grind some of the steak into hamburger to cook and add to or add some leftover chicken or pork to it.) Recipe on side under soups.
5-Steak and zucchini teriyaki kabobs, rice. Recipe on side under beef.
7-Stuffed green bell peppers, jello, canned veg, leftover french bread made into garlic toast. cook rice in the tomatoes/juice with some powdered garlic and onion and add to the half pepper and bake. Could add some grated cheese on top if you still have some.

Grocery list
Peaches, .68 lb. buy 3 lbs. at $2.04
Albertson's mac&cheese, 2/$1, buy 2
Albertson's gelatin, 2/$1, buy 1
Kraft handi snacks, 2/$1, .50
S&W black beans, 2/$1, buy 1
Albertson' chicken noodle or tomato soup, 2/$1, buy 2
Chicken of the Sea Albacore tuna, 2/$1, buy1
Blue Ribbon long grain rice, 2/$1, buy 1
Albertson's diced tomatoes, 2/$1, buy 3
Kelloggs cereals, 2/$5, buy 1
French bread, .99
cilantro, 3/$1, buy 1 at .33
Albertson canned vegs., 2/$1, buy 4, make one corn for the taco soup
tomato sauce, I've allowed for .50 ea., buy 2 (8 oz. size or one 16 oz. size)

California strawberries, .88
Tyson bacon, $2.88
Food Club crackers, 2/$4, buy 1
Bashas' sour cream, $1.39
Cherries, $2.99
Eggs, I've allowed for $1.79
Taco seasoning, I've allowed for $1

Pick 5 for $19.95
1-Seafood salad
2-Colby cheese
3-Sirloin steak
4-Boneless sirloin pork chops
5-chicken thighs

Fry's milk, $1.57, buy 2 at $3.14
tomatoes on the vine, .88 lb.
Walla walla sweet onions, .88 lb.
Romaine, .88
Kroger canned vegs are the same price if you choose to buy them here instead of Albertsons
Yellow squash or zucchini, $1.28 lb.
Kroger Value bread, .88, buy 4 at $3.52

Buy 10 deal
1-Kraft salad dressing, $1.49
2-Tombstone Pizza, $2.79
3-Kraft mayonnaise, $2.49
4-Sunny Delite, .99
5-Sunny Delite, .99
6-Pringles, .79
7-Pringles, .79
8-Thomas English muffins, $1.99
9-Ore Ida french fries, $2.29
10-Oscar mayer bologna, $2.29

Mangos, 3/$1, buy 3
Grapefruit, 3/$1, buy 2 at .66
Cucumbers, 3/$1, buy 1 at .33
Green bell peppers, 3/$1, buy 2 at .66
Blueberries, 2/$3, buy 1
Fuji apples, .97 lb, buy 2 lbs.
Oats, I've allowed for .79 lb., buy 1 lb.

Items not on the grocery list:
brown sugar
soy sauce

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