Saturday, July 30, 2011

Menu with what's on sale for the week of July 27-Aug. 2

Wow, going to be into August by the end of this sales week. I could have tweaked this week down under $80 but I thought, let's keep the bacon..... and I would have added the Rainier cherries at Bashas' for $2.99/.lb b/c you know how I feel about them. I kept them off to save costs but I totally understand if you switch them for something else on the menu. One thing that I wanted to mention, the buy 4 GM cereals and get 2 gals. of milk freeat Fry's, it's a good deal but you could get four GM cereals at Albertson's for $7.08 and then buy 2 gals. of milk at Bashas' for $3.18 equaling $10.26. So for .26 more than the Fry's deal. If you do the Fry's deal, you could do some cereal, some granola bars. Whatever makes you happy.


1-cold cereal, milk, banana
2-Eggs, sausage
3-Cold cereal, milk, blueberries
4-Cold cereal, milk
5-Cold cereal, milk
6-Blueberry pancakes (from scratch, google pancakes)
7-Cold cereal, milk

1-Bologna sandwich, carrots
2-PB&J sandwich, orange
3-Bologna sandwich, grapes
4-Pasta salad, peach (add some leftover chicken meat if desired. Use ranch dressing or Italian dressing or use vinegar and oil)
5-cottage cheese, fruit (canned)
6-Hot dog, bun, cantaloupe chunks
7-tuna sandwich, carrots

1-Spaghetti, zucchini
2-Hamburger, bun, soda
3-Sweet and Sour chicken thighs, rice (see recipe under chicken for sweet and sour chicken. Use whole pieces instead of boneless chunks)
4-Grilled cheese sandwich
5-Salad, mangos
6-Ground beef and gravy over mashed potatoes, steamed broccoli (for the gravy, you can do one of two methods, make a roux with flour and butter and add a can of beef broth to make a gravy or thin down a can of cream of mushroom soup with water to desired thickness, add some garlic powder and some worchestershire to taste and add to the cooked ground beef. Add some cooked onion if you'd like)

Sanderson Farms chicken, .88, buy 5 lbs. at $4.40 (freeze eccess for next week or use leftovers for a sandwich night)
Smucker's strawberry jam, $1.49
American Beauty pasta, .77, buy 2 packages, one for spaghetti night, one for pasta salad
Bar S jumbo meat franks, 4/$5
Bar S meat bologna, 4/$5
Dole Pineapple, 4/$5, for use in the sweet and sour if desired
Iceberg, .96
Yellow or white onions, .59 lb., buy one, for use in the sweet and sour if desired
green onions, 2/$1, buy 1
radishes, 2/$1, buy 1
cantaloupe, .69
ground beef, $1.99 lb. with purchase of 5 lbs. or more, $9.95
Ken's salad dressing, .99
*GM cereal, for $1.77 if you don't do the Fry's deal

Calif. peaches, .47 lb. buy 5 lbs at $2.35
Barilla pasta, 10/$10, buy 1
Daisy cottage cheese, $1.99
Fiesta soda, .79
Bananas, .57 lb., buy 2 lbs.
green peppers, 2/$1, buy one at .50 for use in the sweet and sour if desired
Rice, I've allowed for $2.00
Eggs, I've allowed for $1.79
Potatoes, I've allowed for $4.00

green grapes, .88 lb.
Fry's sandwich bread, .88, buy 4 at $3.52
Kroger fruit, .88
Navel oranges, .88 lb. buy 2 lbs.
Bar S bacon, $1.98
Buy 4 GM cereal deal, get 2 gals. free milk, $10.00
Kroger cheese, $1.99
Bumble Bee tuna, .79
Fry's buns, 2/$3, buy one hamburger package and one hot dog package
mini carrots, .88
Kroger Value peanut butter, $1.50
Kroger Pasta sauce, 4/$5, buy 1

Blueberries, .77lb., buy 2 lbs.
roma tomatoes, .77 lb., buy 2 lbs.
cucumbers, 2/$1, buy 1
red mangos, 3/$1, buy 3
zucchini, .88 lb., buy 2
broccoli, .88 lb., buy 2

Items not on list:
condiments for hamburgers and the hot dogs
leavenings for the pancakes
soy sauce
ketchup for the sweet and sour sauce
corn starch to thicken the sweet and sour sauce
Pancake syrup

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  1. Thank you for doing all the hard work. i love reading this and will pass it on to some of my friends......Helen of Mesa