Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A challenge to myself

I hesitate to call it a New Year's resolution because I never get past the planning stages or maybe one or two days of execution with those. So I will call it a challenge. And if I write about it or let others know about it, it might actually become something more than a wish. My friend Sooz suggested that we make a deal with one another starting in a week. To go through one drawer, or box, or cabinet each day and organize and dejunk it by throwing or putting away the contents that are unused or unneeded. One a day until we've purged our homes/garages of all of the useless crap, junk, clutter or whatever that we have accumulated in five, ten, fifteen or twenty years. You know, that stray nail in the junk drawer, the flashlight that doesn't work but we keep it anyway, the bell or missing part to whatever that we are sure we will need or fix in the next five years. I am giving myself a little leeway on some of the bigger sites and will give myself two days if I need it so I won't get discouraged. You are all welcome to take the challenge with us.

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  1. I just said this very same thing to my DH!!! How funny is that?? Good Luck to you . . . and ME!!!! Hugs --}--}--@