Monday, December 28, 2009

A few things worth noting

A few things worth noting before ads and sales get back to normal. Or if you didn't get all of the things you need for the next few days when the sales were going before Christmas.

Sprouts has grapefruit for .19 each.

Fry's has Boneless, skinless chicken breasts for $1.57/lb.
Also Hass Avocados at Fry's for 2/$1. I want to try out my Foodsaver and freeze these for guac in the future. Never have done it before but hear it works beautifully to do it that way.
Also at Fry's, Dole Premium Classic salads, $1
Stouffer's Lasagne, or chicken enchiladas, $9.99(could be an easy dinner)
Lay's Potato chips or Doritos, 2/$4
Bar S jumbo meat franks, .99

At Fresh & Easy Mother's Joy Corn Flakes, .98
Iceberg lettuce, 2 bell pepper, l lb. tomatoes, or 2 lbs. of yellow onions, 2 lbs. of carrots, all .98 ea.
Beef slider patties for $2.99 and slider buns for .99
Farmland hot dog or Pantry Select hot dog buns for .88
Fresh & Easy popcorn chicken for $2.99
Farmer John Polish sausage or hot links, $2.99
Fresh & easy shredded or block cheese, $1.99

Safeway has sweet navel oranges for 3 lbs./$1
Also have the Hass avocaos for 2/$1
93% lean ground beef for $1.88 lb.
Dennison's chili for .69 can
Freshetta pizza for $3.99
Gala or granny apples for .99 lb.

So, you could have breakfast one morning for aproximately $2, assuming you already have milk. Five grapefruit(Sprouts) and a box of corn flakes(Fresh & Easy). Add on $2.29 for a gallon of milk at Fresh & Easy if you need milk.

You could do fresh oranges and toast one morning for breakfast on the cheap. Around $2 if you buy the navels at Safeway and the bread at Fry's (Kroger Value brand, .88)

You could have grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch or dinner for aproximately $2.88 if you get a block of cheese at Fresh & Easy and a loaf of bread at Fry's, Kroger Value, .88.

You could have hot dogs for lunch or dinner for under $2 using hot dogs and buns from Fresh & Easy. Add a bag of potato chips from Fry's for $2 extra if you want.

Grilled chicken and salad or grilled chicken salad for around or just under $5 with chicken and salad mix from Fry's.

Sliders for $4 with patties and buns from Fresh & Easy. There looks to be 6 patties and 6 buns in the packages.

You could have chili for dinner or lunch for aproximately $2 or under (3 cans will set you back $2.07. I feed my family of four on 3 cans. And one is a big teenage eating machine, however, you may need 4 cans, $2.76) using the canned Dennison's from Safeway. Or team up with grilled cheese sandwiches.

If you still have company and are tired of making "feasts" every few hours, go for the Stouffer's lasagne (or chicken enchiladas) for one night for $9.99 at Fry's. Add a bagged salad for $1 and boom, you're in business. It doesn't say on the ad whether it's Party Size or Family Size. I am assuming it's the larger sized lasagne. I may be wrong though. I havn't been to Fry's yet to check it out. If you have a smaller family this could also come off very economical for you when you figure that you can probably get 2 dinners out of this, and possibly some leftovers to use as take to the office lunches. Freeze what you don't eat the first night (or divide two equal portions to insure two meals, put in a smaller casserole, they may even think you may it from scratch that way) and microwave for the next lasagne dinner or freeze in individual portions in plastic wrap or tupperware for lunch or dinner for those who work late or have odd schedules in your family.

Happy New Year!

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