Friday, December 18, 2009

Menu for what's on sale, Dec. 18-Dec. 24, but two week's worth of menus

I have a two week plan this time around because of how it is during the holidays. My computer is down, so here I sit at the library with 45 minutes left to my session hoping that my fingers work fast enough to get it all down. Here I go.

But remember, this is for two weeks

And if you have a Fresh & Easy $5 off of $50 purchase use it at Fry's
If you have the other coupons from the internet for Fresh & Easy, use them also at Fry's
NOTE: 12/22, the competitor's coupons are no longer being honored at Fry's.

1-Corn Flakes
2-Waffles, cocoa
3-Corn Flakes, apple juice
4-Ham, egg biscuit
5-Pancakes, cocoa
6-Bagels, cream cheese
7-Christmas french toast bake, apple juice
8-Chocolate chip pancakes
9-English muffin egg sandwich
10-corn flakes, cocoa
11-Eggs, toast, apple juice
12-Egg biscuit, cocoa
13-Corn Flakes
14-New Year's brunch
Bagels, cream cheese, sausage links, eggs, fruit, cinnamon rolls, orange juice

1-Tuna sandwich, orange, cookie
2-Quesadillas, apple
3-Ham sandwich, orange
4-Grilled cheese sandwich, cookie
5-Ramen noodles, cookie
6-Tuna sandwich, orange, or PB&J sandwich
8-Turkey quesadillas, apple
9-Ramen noodles, orange
10-Leftover homemade pizza, clementines
11-Turkey sandwich, apple
12-Tuna sandwich, cookie
13-PB&J sandwich, clementine
14-New Year's brunch

1-Ham, funeral potatoes, canned veg.
2-Ham and cheese omeletts
3-Baked potato with broccoli and cheese topping, sour cream
4-Spaghettic, bagette
5-Fish sticks, canned veg., jello/mandarin orange salad
6-Clam chowder, bagette, green salad
Mashed potatoes
Green beans
Raspberry cranberry juice (add sprite for punch, I can't remember now where, Bashas for $1,I have 33 minutes left)

2 Sara Lee pies for $2.88 with coupon in ad, I did not include in the total

8-Leftovers or Turkey Cottage Pie
9-Homemade cheese pizza, make enough for lunch on the next day
10-Taco soup, sour cream, cheese, cornbread
11-Roast, potatoes, carrots, biscuits
12-Spaghetti, vegs.
13-New Year's Eve
Chicken cream cheese roll ups
Garlic mashed potatoes
frozen veg.
Smart Sunday rolls
14-New Year's dinner
Spinach salad with craisins, feta, raspberry vinniagrette and sugared pecans

Dessert options:
ice cream
cake or cake mix cookies
buy apples for extra and make an apple crisp

Broccoli, .39 lb., buy 3 lbs.
Stove top stuffing, $1
Pictsweet vegs., .77, buy 2

Cook's smoked ham, .97 lb., aprox. 10 lbs. at $9.70
10 lbs. russet potatoes, .97, you may need 2 lbs., see how much for your family
Clementines, $2.37
Norbest Prem. turkey, .49 lb., buy a ten lb. bird
Bashas milk, $1.59, buy 4
stokely's vegs, 20/$10, make sure one is corn for the taco soup, buy 4
Jello 2/$1, buy 2
Krusteaz corn bread mix, $1.99
Nestle cocoa mix, $1.50 buy 2
Bashas English muffins, .99
thomas bagels, $2.50, buy 2
Food Club grape jelly, $1.50
Food Cub pancake mix, $1.99
Bashas eggs, $1.39, buy 5
Food Club cheese, $1, buy 6, make sure one is mozzarella for the pizza
Daisy sour cream, 2/$3, buy 2
Betty Crocker cake mix, $1
Clams, allow for $3 for canned
Half and Half, allow for $3
Raspberry jam for vinniagrette., allowed for $3
You may want to buy a bag of rice for variety, I didn't allow for this.

Ocean Spray Cran. juice, $1.88
Kroger cream cheese, .88, buy 2, NOTE (20 Dec. 09): buy 3, I didn't realize I would need 3, add an extra .88 to the total.
Kroger jumbo biscuits, .97, buy 3
Farmer John links, .97
Dreyers ice cream, $2.27
Hormel bacon, $2.99
Pillsbury cinn. rolls, $1.88
Kroger Value bread, .88, buy 5
Kroger Value apple juice, $1.29, buy 2
Kroger Value p-nut butter, $1.49
syrup, allowed for $2
tomato, 2 cans, allowed for $1.20, buy 2
tomato sauce, allowed for .50, buy 2
taco seas. .99
lettuce, allowed for $2
spinach, allowed for $3
craisins, allowed for $3
Ramen noodles, allowed for .20, buy 4
Kroger value, spag sauce, $1.19, buy 3
Fry's spag., .88 buy 2
Feta allowed for $3
pecans, allowed for $4
Kroger Value cookies, $1.19, buy 2
Orange juice, allowed for $3
chives, allowed for $2
carrots, allowed for $1
onion, $1

Boneless beef chuck roast, $1.99, buy 4 lbs., have some ground for taco soup
Gorton's seafood fish sticks, 18 ct., $2.99
Kelloggs corn flakes, .99, buy 3
Nextle choc. chips, $1.89
Bush's black beans, $1

Navel oranges, .19 lb., buy 10 lbs., $1.90
Red or gold apples, .88 lb., buy 10 lbs., at $8.80
green beans, .99 lb. for Christmas dinner
chicken, $1.99, buy 4 lbs.

Tuna, .69, buy 3 cans

Check everything carefully, I have 11 min. left, am going to check buy may have missed something. I did not look up recipes on the internet this time, google if you need to.
Sorry, this is lacking so much. A lot of basic inged. have not been added to the grocery list.

Happy Holidays to all

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  1. Thank you, Miss Jeri :) I'm your newest fan!! I'm so sorry to hear you are experiencing computer problems. I hope to 'see' you soon on the C$ board! Hugs -- Miss Deborah P.