Friday, April 9, 2010

Menu with what's on sale for the week of Apr. 7-Apr. 13

You may not want to drive to six stores this week. It's entirely up to you and I totally understand if you rebel and say "enough with the madness, I'm not going to do it this week." I just try to offer you some insight as to what's available and that you can feed your family healthy and interesting food for under $100/week. This week had some really good and cost effective combinations if you are willing to store hop. And if you're not willing to store hop, that's okay too, because you will still save $ if you shop and buy only what's on sale. That is the key. That and using coupons and never paying more than $2/lb. for meat. So go forth and conquer. Conquer the grocery store, that is.


1-Steel cut oats or regular oats and blueberries
3-Oatmeal, toast
4-Potato, Leftover sausage from dinner, egg burrito
5-French toast
7-Cinnamon rolls

1-PB&J sandwich, apple
2-Lunchmeat sandwich, grapes
3-PB&J sandwich, carrots, banana
4-Lunchmeat sandwich, tortilla chips, strawberries
5-PB&J sandwich, strawberries
6-Egg salad sandwich, banana
7-Cheese quesadilla, grapes

1-Spaghetti with Alfredo or red sauce, french bread or garlic bread
2-Steak, pepper, onion sandwich on french bread (Slice steak really thin, fry quick, season with garlic salt and worcestershire sauce)
3-Rope sausage and potato skillet, green salad
4-Chicken, broccoli and rice. Or switch it out with Betty Crocker's Zesty Chicken and Potatoes if you have enough potatoes. Applesauce. see
5-Macaroni and cheese, canned vegetable of choice, corn muffins, fresh pineapple
6-Waffles for dinner. see
7-French bread cheese pizza, green salad

Grocery List:
Boneless skinless chicken breasts, 1.77 lb., buy 2 lbs. at $3.54
Strawberries, .88 with coupon in Wed. ad
French bread, .88 with coupon in Wed. ad, limit 1, buy other 2 at Bashas
Burrito flour tortillas, $2.49

2 day sale, Fri. and Sat., Dole bananas, 4 lbs./$1, buy 4 lbs.
Doritas tortilla chips, $1.67
Green seedless grapes, .88 lb., buy 3 lbs.
Bashas' milk, $1.88, buy 3
Dole Premium gold pineapple, $1.88
Hillshire Farms Deli Select meat, $2.88
Crusty Italian bread, $1.19, buy 2
Boneless round steak, $1.59 lb, buy 2 lbs.
Eggs, allow for $2 doz., buy 2 doz.

Fresh & Easy
Mission Pride applesauce, .99
Mary Lee Mac & Cheese, .39, buy 2
Puro Pasta sauce, .99
Fresh & Easy canned vegetables, .69, buy 1
Cinch corn muffin mix, .35

Hillshire Farms sausage rope, $2.50
Ragu Pasta sauce, 2/$3, your choice of red or alfredo, buy 1( or buy 2 if you don't want to go to F&E)
Kroger canned cinnamon rolls, $1.69
Welch's grape jam, $1.79
Kroger mini carrots, $1
Red bell pepper, 4/$5, buy 1
Kroger Value bread, .88, buy 4
Kroger Value peanut butter, $1.47
Fry's spaghetti, .88
onion, I've allowed for .50, buy 1
Rice, I've allowed for $2.99
Kraft shredded cheese, $1.99, buy 2
tomato, I've allowed for $1.50

Broccoli, .68 lb., buy 1 lb.
Crisp gala apples, .88 lb., buy 4 lbs. at $3.52 or buy at Sprouts for same price
5# bag of potatoes, .68

Blueberries, .99
Navel oranges, .49 lb., buy 7 lbs. at $3.43
Iceberg lettuce, .88
Oats, 2lbs./$1 in the bins, buy 3 lbs. at $1.50

Items not on grocery list:
Dijon mustard

Other great deals:
green seedless grapes, .88 lb.-Safeway
F&E ground beef, $1.59 lb.-F&E
Romero's tortillas, 8 ct., flour or corn, .98-F&E
F&E dry pasta, .99-F&E
Fry's milk, $1.88-Fry's
sliced white mushrooms, $1.50-fry's
London broil, $1.77 lb.-*Albies
Albertson's milk, $1.88-Albies
Yoplait yogurt, .38 when you buy 10 with coupon from ad-Albies
Santitas tortilla chips, .99 with coup from ad-Albies
Ragu sauce, 3/$5-albies
Tombstone Pizza, $2.99-Albies
Mott's applesauce, 2/$1.50-Bashas'
Bashas' cottage cheese, $1.79-Bashas'
Bashas sour cream, $1.79-Bashas'
Baby ray's BBQ sauce, $1.50-Bashas'
Langer Apple Juice, $1.49 plus .50 off coupon (exp. 4-13-10) in the ad-Smart & Final
Tropicanna orange juice, $1.49, 64 oz.-smart & Final


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