Thursday, April 15, 2010

Menu with what's on sale for the week of Apr. 14-Apr. 20


1-Cold Cereal
2-Cold Cereal
3-Cold Cereal
4-Egg biscuit
5-Cold cereal
6-Cold cereal
7-Cold cereal

1-PB&J sandwich, orange, doritos chips
2-PB&J sandwich, apple, granola bar
3-PB&J sandwich, strawberries, granola bar
4-PB&J sandwich, orange, granola bar
5-PB&J sandwich, apple, fruit shapes
6-Ramen noodles, carrots, fruit shapes
7-Ramen noodles, granola bar

1-London Broil, grilled corn on the cob, onion rings
2-Chicken 1/4's, canned vegetable, Rice A Roni
3-Spaghetti with red or alfredo sauce, salad, french bread
4-Frittata, raw carrots, salad
5-Steak fajitas with leftover london broil, sliced onions and peppers
6-Taco soup with cheddar, sour cream and doritos as toppers

Strawberry shortcake

Grocery List:
Doritos tortilla chips, $1.77 with coupon from ad
California sweet corn, 4/$1, buy 4
Albertsons's biscuits in a can, 10/$4, buy 1
Ramen noodles, 5/$1, buy 5

Buy 4 Big G products and get one gallon of milk for free up to two free gallons
1-Fiber One Cereal, $1.99
2-Cheerios, $1.99
3-Fiber One Cereal, $1.99
4-Kix, $1.99
1-Fiber One bars, $1.99
2-Fiber One bars, $1.99
3-Betty Crocker fruit shapes, $1.99
4-Betty Crocker fruit shapes, $1.99
Two free gallons of milk

Hot house cucumber, $1
Rice A Roni, 4/$5, buy 1
Tomatoes, $1 lb., buy 1 lb.

Ground beef, 93 %, $1.88 lb. in 2 lb. chub for $3.76
Strawberries, .88, buy 2
Kroger whipped topping, .88
shortcake cups, 10/$10, buy 1
Kroger cheese, 50% off, allow $2 per pack, buy 2
Ragu sauce, 2/$3, buy 1
Kroger Value bread, .88, buy 4 at $3.52
Daisy sour cream, $1.99
Kroger onion rings, $1.99
Kroger Value peanut butter, $1.49
Flour tortialls, allow $2.99
Onion, I've allowed for $1
Libby's canned vegetables, 20/$10, buy 2, make one be a can of corn for the Taco soup
Fry's pinto beans, 20/$10, buy 1
Fry's tomatoes, 20/$10, buy 2
Tomato sauce, I've allowed for $1, buy 2 small cans
Fry's spaghetti, .88
Taco seasoning, I've allowed for $1

London Broil, $1.77 lb., buy 3 lbs. at $5.31
chicken 1/4's, .69 lb., buy 4 lbs. at $2.76
Large navel oranges, 3 lbs./.99, buy 9 lbs. at $2.97
Lucerne lg. eggs, 18 count, $1.49 with coupon, min. purchase of $10

Red or green bell pepper, .99
Braeburn apples, .99, buy 6 lbs. at $5.94
Romaine, .88
Baby carrots, .99
French bread, $1.29

Items not on grocery list:

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