Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Week 15

Week number 15 of the drawer/cabinet/box a day challenge. Renewed fervor and enthusiam with the challenge after watching the "Hoarding: Buried Alive" marathon on Saturday night. In fact my husband even commented that the show must have shaken me up a bit, because of how I've been acting and the fact that I've asked him to part with a few things also. In the past week I've gone through some of the old videos and thrown out two trash bags of those and have a full box to take to the Soup and Swap. I've also gone through two boxes of old newspaper clippings that my Grandmother saved. Dozens of bridal clippings from the 30's through to the 60's. Have also gone through a few books. And the sewing items that I was waffling over are now in the donate pile instead of the save pile. The Dr. pulled the pins out of my husband's foot yesterday, ew, ew, ew, and I brought them home for the kids to see. You'll be proud of me, I promptly threw them away after our little podiatry lesson. I'm a little twisted, I was thinking of scrapbooking layouts I could use with them along side pictures of his recovering foot. No more twisted than the Dr. who suggested I wash them and serve up skewered olives on them to the children. He was kidding. Or maybe he was making fun of my interest in taking the pins home. I even thought of putting them under my husband's pillow in hopes that the pin fairy would come last night. Today I plan on getting out all of the old acrylic paints and sort through those and toss the dried ones, and get the unpainted wooden crafts out that I never painted but had to have and donate those to the Soup and Swap. I also plan to toss a year's worth of church magazines to make room for this year's magazines. I may try to sneak a few woodworking magazines out to the garbage sandwiched inbetween the other magazines. It may not work though.

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