Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Week 16

Week number 16 of the drawer a day challenge. Yeh. I feel like my life has been reduced to counting weeks. Sixteen weeks of dejunking. Five weeks left of school. If I counted it right. This week has been spent getting caught up on other things, not much dejunking going on. And where as I thought my house was in order, it appears right now that it isn't. I am talking figuratively as well as literally. I have the LDS missionaries coming to dinner in less than two hours and the kitchen garbage has stunk up the house, I have to take it out. I cut up a pineapple but that's all that's ready for dinner. Yippee. Won't they be thrilled with that? My husband's buckets for the hot/cold foot soaks he has to do each day are still in the family room, in the middle, with two lovely towels beside them. The dogs have chewed green bones on the carpet and there are crumbs everywhere. I don't have time to vacuum. I don't even want to venture into the guest bathroom to see what needs to be done in there. Because every good Mormon knows that the missionaries never have to use your bathroom when it's sparkling clean.

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  1. You are such an inspiration . . . I love reading your weekly updates on "dejunking". . . I'm sure you will have everything ready for your company tonight! Hang in there, girlie!!! You CAN do it :)
    Deborah P.