Monday, July 26, 2010

The deal

So here's the deal. I didn't get a Wednesday paper because I had the paper stopped while we were in Idaho. And even if I did scour the online ads it's too late for this week.

Some of the great deals I've found at Bashas' since I've been back are:

Round steak for $1.69/lb. Add some of the canned tomatoes on sale and have swiss steak. Or a can of cr. of mushroom soup and some water, a little garlic salt to the crockpot for an easy peezy dinner.

Ground round for $1.69/lb., limit 2--I've gotten three packs of this already since Sat. and fried it off and bagged it for meals. It's in the freezer for when I need to make tacos, spaghetti sauce, burritos, shepherd's pie, casserole, etc. I even froze some raw that I can thaw out to make meatloaf out of. Or make into patties for hamburgers and freeze with waxed or parchment paper in-between the patties.

Whole chickens, .49/lb. Great price. Roast/bake the chicken or put it out on the grill on the side with the burners off and cook it out there to keep the house cool. I forget how long it takes that way. Google cooking the chicken on the grill and I bet you'll find the answer.

Dreyer's ice cream, 2/$5. Perfect as it is or scoop onto a peach/raspberry crisp or brownie or on top of strawberries.

Strawberries, .99. Make some freezer jam. I make enough in the spring and summer to sustain us for toast and as cheesecake topping throughout the year. Or if you're really a go-getter, make enough for your Christmas give aways now and then in Dec. you won't have to lift a finger for friend's and neighbor's gifts. Or use the strawberries to top ice cream.

Bashas' large eggs for .69/doz. Killer price on eggs this week. I think that there was a limit of two at a time. You could make a frittata or quiche, deviled eggs, egg salad sandwiches, omelots, egg in the hole.

Stokely's canned vegetables and Food Club tomatoes, .69. Taco soup, corn and bean salad or salsa, Chili, or vegetable side to your roast chicken.

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