Sunday, July 25, 2010

I'm Home

I've been in Idaho the past week. I've seen lots of corn fields, wheat fields, hay and barns and even one very bloated dead cow. Ew. Photos to follow. I'll forgo the photo of the bloated dead cow waiting for the "dead" truck to pick it up. My kids think I am warped that I took a picture of it. Can you believe that there is such a thing as a "dead" truck? We went a different way this time and went through Las Vegas, aka Lost Wages. Hoover Dam was amazing and we went through all of the dam jokes we could think of, such as, there's the Dam water, the Dam bus, the Dam car, the Dam bridge, the Dam boats, etc., etc. Even saw the bronze statues that my Fantasy book genre loving son tells me are talked about in one of the Percy Jackson books. I got a killer picture of them as we wound around the road on the Dam and he, being the book nerd that he is, thought it was great that we have a picture of them. It is a 15-16 hr. drive from Phoenix to Boise. We stayed the first night in Layton, Utah at the Hilton Garden Inn. I had never stayed at a Hilton Garden Inn before. Still a little pricey but nice. Then on to Boise and Meridian where we stayed for five days. We ate at the hubs favorite Chinese Restaurant on the Planet, Golden Star. Good Chinese food but they cannot for the life of them get any of the American items that they have on their menu right. Or maybe it's just me that they have the problem with. The husband and the kids split 3 cords of wood with Grandpa and rode four wheelers around the block. We took a day with the brother in laws and sister in laws and took a drive to where my father in law was born and grew up, up in the hills of Ola and Sweet. On the trip home we decided to do it in 3 days, stopping off the first night in Layton again so that we could go to Lagoon amusement park in Farmington, Utah. Can I tell you that when I was a kid that the roller coaster there looked old. That was 35 years ago. No way I was getting on that thing again. It is ancient. I saw a sign that said it was built in 1921. My sis in law helped me get tickets online for Lagoon the night before we left Idaho. She is a whiz at getting deals and just for fun typed in "Lagoon promotion code" in the google box. She found two of them. I ended up getting $12 off per ticket for a total of $48 savings. Great trip, great to be home.
St. George Temple, St. George, Utah

Corn field, Meridian, Idaho
Another corn field
Wheat field, Meridian, Idaho
The story of our life. Our vaction life, that is.
On the way to Ola
A sign in Ola, Idaho, next to a school. I thought it was funny.
Cows eating in Emmett, Idaho
Somewhere in Northern Utah. I love contrasting field colors.
Lagoon Amusement Park, Farminton, Utah. The old, old, old roller coaster
The hubs loves old tractors, this one was on a trailer. He had to speed up so that I could snap a picture of it. Sorry. Glare from the window
On approach to Hoover Dam, the new bridge they've built
The statues talked about in the Percy Jackson book. Not sure which book of the series Lake Mead

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