Sunday, July 11, 2010

A strange obsession

The last time I had bratwurst for dinner, I put the Polynesian dipping sauce from Chick Filet on it. YUM. I know, it just doesn't make sense. But it works for me. Maybe all of the acidity in the sauce cuts through the fattiness of the sausage and that's what I like about the combination.

So tonight I had bratwurst for dinner and I thought that the leftover sweet and sour sauce from the sweet and sour pork the other night might be good on it. Tasted just like the Polynesian dipping sauce from Chick Filet.

My husband used to buy the Yoshida's brand sweet and sour sauce to put on meatballs found in the frozen section at Costco and use for appetizers at weddings. So I'm thinking that this sweet and sour sauce would be good for that also. Also probably good in a crockpot full of lil smokies.
Or on a homemade burger with a ring of pineapple on top of it.

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