Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Up and blogging at 6:35a.m. Ugh. I just MADE the 17 yr. old go to Seminary 20 minutes late and now I am questioning my parenting motive. Wondering why he never pulls this "stuff" on his dad. I know the answer to that is "because he can't". And pondering the age old question of choices, consequences, how my choices, your choices, affect other people and their lives. At least how their day will go. And also pondering the other age old dilema of "I just want everyone to be happy!" Ugh.

LDS definition
Seminary: A before school religious study for teens ages 14-18 yrs., High Schoolers. Usually is 45 minutes long and held in an LDS building. They have teachers, a principal, everything, made up of people who volunteer their time to do so.

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