Monday, February 15, 2010

Menu with what's on sale Feb. 10-Feb. 16

Sorry that this post is so late. I have been sharing the computer with kids who need it for homework and scholarship applications. And life has been busy, doing what, I don't know, but it has been busy.

Here it is:
aproximately $78.88 with the chicken added in. Oooops, sorry.

1-Yogurt, toast, cranberry juice
2-Cold cereal, milk
3-Egg biscuit with sausage links
4-chocolate chip pancakes
5-Cold cereal, milk
6-Biscuits and sausage gravy
7-Eggs, toast or Egg-In-The-Hole

1-PB&J sandwich, grapes, cookie
2-Tuna sandwich, orange
3-PB&J sandwich, apple
4-Tuna sandwich, pear
5-PB&J sandwich, apple, cookie
6-Chef Boy Ar Dee pasta, carrot sticks, orange
7-Mac & Cheese, orange

1-Mac & Cheese, green beans
2-BBQ Pork ribs, applesauce, frozen vegetables of choice, coke
3-Taco soup with cheese and sour cream as toppers
4-chicken Broccoli and rice casserole, salad
5-Cheese Quesadillas
7-Spaghetti Alfredo, asparagus


Green Giant vegetables, 2/$1, buy 1 corn and 1 green bean
Seedless grapes, .88 lb., buy 2 lbs. at $1.76
Yoplait yogurt, 20/$10, buy 4 at $2.00
Fresh carrots, 2 lbs., 10/$10, buy 1 at $1.00

Pork country style ribs, .89 lb., buy 4 lbs. at $3.56
Gold Medal Flour, $1.99
Mott's applesauce, 2/$3, buy 1
Bashas sour cream, $1.19
Sargento shredded cheese, $1.99, buy 2
Food Club tomatoes, .79, buy 2
Eggs, $1.39, buy 2 dozen

Fry's milk, $1.88, buy 2 at $3.76
Dole Premium Classic salad, $1
Super lean ground beef, $1.88 in 2 lb. chub, $3.76
Rice, allow for $2.99
Cream of mushroom soup, I've allowed for $1.75
Cranberry juice, $1.98
Kroger Value cereals, allowed for $1.50, buy 2
Fry's spaghetti, .88
Kroger Value tomato sauce, .27, buy 2
Kroger Value frozen vegetables, $1.79
Kroger Value bread, .88, buy 4
Kroger Value peanut butter, $1.47
Flour tortillas, I've allowed for $2.99
Black beans, I've allowed for $1.50
Taco seasoning, I've allowed for $1.00

Buy 10 deal
1-Kraft mac & cheese 5 pack, $2.45
2-Pillsbury Grands! biscuits, .89
3-Pillsbury Grands! biscuits, .89
4-Banquet Brown n serve sausages, .89
5-Banquet Brown n serve sausages, .89
6-Coke, .89
7-Chef Boy R Dee Ravioli, .67
8-Chef Boy R Dee Ravioli, .67
9-Kraft BBQ sauce, .69
10-Ragu Alfredo sauce, $1.28

EDIT: I forgot to add chicken. would be nice since I put down chicken and rice and broccoli casserole
Safeway split chicken breasts, .99 lb., buy 3 lbs., less if it's packaged in smaller packages
Sat., Sun., Mon., Tues. only, navel oranges 3 lbs/$1, buy 9 lbs. for $3.00
Tender green asparagus, .99 lb.
chicken of the sea chunk light tuna, 2/.88, buy 2
Betty Crocker cake mix or traditional brownie mix, .69
Nestle baking morsels, $1.99
Betty Crocker cookie pouches, .99

Broccoli, .77 lb.
Braeburn apples, .77 lb., buy 2 lbs. at $1.54
d'Anjou pears, .77 lb., buy 2 lbs. at $1.54

Items not on list
leavening, ie., baking powder

Other great buys
5 lb. bag russet potatoes, $1.49-Safeway
Split chicken breasts, .99 lb.-Safeway
Bumble Bee chunk light tuna, 2/$1-albertson's

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