Sunday, February 21, 2010

Menu with what's on sale the week of Feb. 17- Feb. 23

I am failing lately at getting this out early in the ad week. I wanted to get it done Thursday. Then I wanted to get it done and posted last night and then this afternoon. And I had some awesome thoughts to go with it. HAD. Here I sit after a busy day with "I Believe that My Redeemer Lives" being pounded on the piano directly behind me. My brain can hardly function in dead quiet, so throw crash bang piano playing at me and it's crazy.

Maybe my thoughts will come back to me before I'm through with this post. Maybe not.

Now I remember. There are some great deals and stock up your pantry prices to be had this week. Definitely get out and do some stock up shopping this week. You can totally spend less than the $75 posted on this post if you don't get the snack items this week. S&W beans at Bashas. May I just say FREE!?! Even if you don't have the coupon that was in last week's coupon inserts 50 cents is a great buy for these. Canned beans are a great pantry item to have if your family will eat beans. And if they say they don't like beans, try black beans. My family didn't think that they liked beans until they tried black beans. Also the broccoli at Albertson's this week. It is so stinkin cheap I am going to get some, blanch it and freeze it.


2-Oatmeal, muffins
3-Oatmeal, cranberry juice cocktail
4-Egg biscuits
5-Oatmeal, yogurt
6-Oatmeal, donuts
7-French toast

1-Tuna sandwich, orange, pudding cup
2-PB&J sandwich, apple
3-Tuna sandwich, string cheese
4-PB&J sandwich, apple, popcorn
5-Tuna sandwich, popcorn, string cheese
6-Chef Boy ardee pasta, string cheese, brownie
7-Bagel/cream cheese, orange

1-Butternut squash soup, crusty bread ( I don't have a recipe for butternut squash soup. I allowed some vegetable broth to be the base with the the squash and some onion to be cooked with it. If it were me, I would bake the squash in the oven, then scoop out the pulp and whir in the blender with the veg. broth, and add some diced sauteed onion. Use water or cream to thin it out. Salt and pepper or ginger to taste. Or google Butternut squash soup to get a good recipe)

2-Spaghetti Alfredo, steamed asparagus.

3-Beef teriyaki kabobs, steamed broccoli.

4-Chicken Caesar Salad, hummus and crackers. Add crackers to the shopping list if you didn't stock up during Super Bowl week. (make the hummus out of the can of garbanzos(chickpeas)

5-Sausage gravy over biscuits, salad

6-Green Chicken and cheese Enchiladas, black bean and corn salad (I use a can of drained corn, and can of drained and rinsed black bean, some sweet onion or shallot diced, some sugar, maybe 1 T. and some basalmic vinegar. But, if I didn't have basalmic, I would use rice vinegar or white or cider vinegar.)

7-Leftovers, Coke or Sprite

Desserts and snacks

Grocery List:
Broccoli, .68 lb., buy 2 lbs.
London Broil, $1.88 lb., buy 2 lbs.
Albertsons cream cheese, 2$3, buy 1
Albertsons green enchilada sauce, .79, buy 2

Stokeley's vegetables, 2/$1, buy 1 corn
S&W beans, 2/$1, buy 1 black, 1 garbanzo (for the hummus)
Bashas large eggs, $1.29
Food Club cheese, $2.47
Food Club string cheese, $2.47
Imperial spread, .88
Food Club pudding snacks, .88
Food Club microwave popcorn, 2/$3, buy 1
Crusty bread, $1.19
Bashas milk, $2.19, buy 2
Navel oranges, .99, buy 2 lbs.

Fresh & Easy
Fresh & Easy bagels, $1.99

Fresh Roma tomatoes, .77 lb.
Chicken of the Sea chunk light tuna, 2/.88, buy 3
Ocean Spray cranberry juice cocktail, $1.98
Van de Camps donuts, 2/$3, buy 1
Yoplait yogurt, 20/$10
Kroger Value bread, .88, buy 4
Boneless skinless chicken breast, $1.67, buy 3 lbs.
Kroger Value Peanut butter, $1.47
Flour tortillas, I've allowed for $2.99
Vegetable broth, I've allowed for .99, buy 2 cans
Onion, I've allowed for .50, buy 1 (used half for the bean/corn salad, half for the butternut soup)
Kroger spaghetti, .88
Buy 10 deal
1-Ragu alfredo pasta sauce, $1.28
2-Kroger salad dressing, $1.28
3-Chef Boy ardee pasta, .67
4-Chef Boy ardee pasta, .67
5-Banquet brown and serve sausage, .89
6-Betty Crocker muffin mix, $1.69
7-Betty Crocker brownie mix, $1.69
8-coke or Sprite, .89
9-Pillsbury Grands!, .89
10-Pillsbury Grands!, .89

Asparagus, .97 lb.
Braeburn or Fuji apples, .88 lb., buy 3 lbs.
Squash, butternut, .88 lb., buy 3 lbs. That may not be realistic, I don't know.
Oats, 2 lbs./$1, buy 4 lbs. at $2. You may need to buy more for your family's needs.
Romaine, .88

Some other great deals:
If you have a Smart & Final close by and have a card
First Street long grain rice, 10 lbs., $3.99
Fresh russet potatoes, 10 lbs., $1.49
Mission corn tortillas, 72 count, $1.79

Items not on the grocery list:
syrup or powdered sugar for the french toast
fresh or powdered ginger
basalmic vinegar
soy sauce
brown sugar
parmesan for the caesar salad
croutons for the caesar salad
crackers for the hummus
lemon juice for the hummus

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