Thursday, February 4, 2010

Week 5-Part 2

So maybe it's the day or the fact that I have 2 dirty bathrooms and pawprinted tile to clean but I felt compelled to blog about my drawer/cupboard/shelf/box a day challenge again this week. I am learning a lot about myself. While I always knew that I was a packrat I have discovered that I am a packrat of the worst kind. The disturbing kind you read about in magazines(like saving baby teeth didn't tip me off). Case in point. Yesterday I threw away aproximately 20-30 plastic lids. Maybe 3 plastic bowls. Not because I am saving the bowls but because there were only 3 bowls and 30 lids. I had a five year supply of lids should I meet up with someone who had a five year supply of plastic bowls that possibly would fit the size lids I have. Today I threw away the little bitty straws that I bought to go with the drink container I bought for my son's lunchbox when he was in First grade. I threw out the drink container a week after I got it b/c it leaked in his lunchbox but felt like I needed to keep the straws for some strange hoarder reason. My son is now a senior in High School. So going here with the notion that anyone can change, I've decided to keep 3 pot holders in the drawer instead of 7, I even threw out the used birthday cake candles in the dust tacky plastic sandwich baggie and the baby medicine spoons, though I did opt out to keep the singing birthday candle holder and candle. Baby steps.



    I'm loving these posts, Jeri.

    Let me know when you find the bag of dryer lint you thought you'd put in the backyard so the birds could gather it for nests.

  2. Amazingly enough, I could do that if I wanted to. I have a trash can in the laundry room. The yellow lab occassionally pulls out a ball of lint and I will find it on the floor. Maybe she's taking it outside to the birds. We are a family of packrats.