Friday, February 19, 2010

Week 7

Week number 7 of the drawer a day challenge and I've slacked off a little this week. I intend on doing 3 or 4 today or tomorrow to make up for it though. I did go through a big tub of what I thought were just pictures and scrapbooking supplies and was horrified with what I found. Papers that should have been filed in the filing cabinet. I am amazed by how many boxes of papers I'm finding that just get stashed somewhere. In another tub of picutures I found a pair of my daughter's jeans. HUH? What was clothing doing in the picture tub? What happened is, in a mad dash to clean the house for a party months ago, things got piled into the two tubs and I never got back to them to make things right. And my daughter wouldn't let me throw the pants away at that particular moment in time. She wanted to make a skirt or a purse or something out of them, so they got put in the tub. She reads my blog so I can't write the final outcome of my purging. "Purging" being the key word in that sentence. I also found Christmas cards sent in 1961-1963. Sure glad I still have those(said in a sarcastic morning voice). Also found another baggie of baby teeth. Yuck. Sorry, if you're eating breakfast while reading this. It is a weird obsession I am trying to get a handle on and deal with. Hopefully I can get rid of all of the weird baggie stuff before I die and other people go through my junk. Or maybe Kim's suggestion of a jar of teeth is the answer. I draw the line at jars of fingernail and toenail clippings though. Yuck. I do have my standards. LOL. I am rambling. I still have the second tub to go through, hopefully sometime today. I got distracted yesterday by making homemade oreos for a YW's thing(sorry, more LDS speak). If I can just organize the photos my life will be on track. It is an overwhelmingly mountainous task. Discouraged on Wednesday by what I found in those tubs, Sooz reminded me that making and taking "baby steps" is good. Some day, maybe I'll walk, jog and then run in the dejunking world instead of just doing baby steps.

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  1. Jars of finger/toe nail clippings...would that be coconut?