Thursday, February 11, 2010

Valentines day

I am going to post some recipes for treats that will be good to make for Valentine's day. Some more time intensive than others, but all good. See the left side for an excellent toffee recipe, it would be good for a sweetheart. Also Theresa's treasures, a sour cream sugar cookie. I plan on serving some kind of red juice for breakfast that day. You could make egg-in-the-hole using a heart shaped cookie cutter. You can make pink heart shaped pancakes or chocolate chip pancakes or simply pancakes with strawberries on the side for a brilliant red color on the plate.

For dinner I may make a spinach/feta stuffed flank steak because we all love it. But a heart shaped pizza would be wonderful. Cheesecake pie with strawberry freezer jam for dessert is always a must have on Valentine's day.

And if I remember, I will draw with lipstick on the bathroom mirrors my sentiments of love and a few kissy lips and hearts.

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