Thursday, February 18, 2010


When I figured this out my whole view of grocery shopping changed. If you notice, the sale items that run are seasonal. Now that we are in the Lenten season, canned tuna, fresh fish, beans, lentils, rice, they all are on sale. When Easter gets closer, baking mixes and ingredients, ham, canned broths will go on sale. Salsa is cheap around super bowl Sunday and Cinco de Mayo. Sales around three day summer weekends are the time to get BBQ sauce and condiments. As well as the week of Super Bowl Sunday. Peanut butter around the time school starts. Canned soups when the weather is supposed to change to coolish and then again around early February, I guess when they are trying to get rid of their mega stock of it. Baking goods, nuts, cooking soups, canned broth, canned fruit, canned vegetables, etc. around the winter holidays. Asparagus and filet mignon are always cheaper around Valentine's day.

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